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A retrospective on why I enjoyed racing. The mind of the addicted.

The learning curve, the confidence of knowing you can survive crashes. Track days are different, mentally.

The improvements that came when fear was diminished. Really being less scared at speed than anywhere else in life.

Riding/racing significantly improved mental health. Removed trivial data from my brain’s focal point, clarity and peace were possible at speed.

Never ending calculations run that meant “something” that was important to current survival. Is grip consistent? Do you trust your ability to step to the edge every corner? Can you sustain that focus until the finish line? Why did this bug smear so terribly?? Maintaining a positive mindset through it all, the most important “skill” you can have.

Committing, mid-race, to doing better and recognizing the achievement of many small goals every lap. Also feeling the disappointment of perceived failures, mid-corner.

Recognizing you can feel the tire beginning to slip, not just after it’s too late. The pride of KNOWING your bike is as ready as anyone else’s.

Realizing how lucky you are to get to play this way, and how terribly jealous your brother is he can’t join you. Really wishing he could join...

Ken Doran, RIP. 12/29/71 - 4/30/21

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The Team

Dave Sulecki

Dave Sulecki is a 37 year industry veteran, and a lifetime motorcycle rider, racer, builder, restorer, and enthusiast.

P.J. Doran

Originally from the Midwest, but has lived and worked everywhere in the U.S., PJ grew up on the back of his dad's BMW motorcycles and in his sidecars in the 70s.

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