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Boise EnduroCross Round - Special Interviews

We have a special episode with rider interviews from the recent Boise, Idaho round of the Endurocross series. We chat with Trystan Hart, Jonny Walker, Cody Webb, Taddy Blazusiak, Colton Haaker, and more from the top ten in the points standings.

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[00:00:17.260] - Dale

Welcome to Pit Pass Moto. It's a show that keeps you up to speed on the latest in motorcycling and brings you the biggest names in the motorcycle industry right to you. I'm Dale Spangler and this week we have a special episode with rider interviews from the Boise round of the Endura Cross series. Moto America is the home of AMA, Superbike and North America's premier motorcycle road race racing series with some of the best motorcycle racing on two wheels. Rewatch every round of the 2022 series and catch all the action from each race with the Moto America Live Plus video on demand streaming service. Or visit the Moto America YouTube channel for race highlights and original video content. Look for a complete 2020 free schedule coming soon at And be sure to follow Moto America on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for real time series updates. Dave is out this week attending the Ike Portrayed show in Milan, Italy. So this week's show will feature some interviews I conducted with some of the top racers in the Enduro Cross series. We hope you enjoy this special episode of Pit Pass Moto. And as always, thank you for listening. All right, here at Boise Enduro Cross and with William Rirardon.

[00:01:33.660] - Dale

And you're from Australia, right? Yeah. How did you end up here in the Enduro Cross series?

[00:01:37.740] - William Rirardon

Yes, from Australia. I moved here four years ago, actually moved over because of my dad's work and we're obviously racing Australia and I always wanted to come here or Europe is kind of where if you want to go further in the sports where you go, because Australia kind of taps out. So I was lucky to come here for that. And then now being able to stay here and race and then a couple of years ago now I'm full time enjoy crossing hard. Some love of this.

[00:02:08.880] - Dale

Oh, right on.

[00:02:09.630] - William Rirardon


[00:02:09.760] - Dale

I didn't know you switched over. I think I remember your name from GMCC, right? Did you first come over and race those?

[00:02:15.070] - William Rirardon

I did a couple, but we were living on the West Coast over here and I was doing the works and a few hair scandals and stuff. But my brother is actually full time GMC now.

[00:02:27.130] - Dale

Oh, wow, that must be difficult. So you guys are completely split, like separate coats?

[00:02:30.940] - William Rirardon

Yeah, exactly. So we actually live on these coasts in North Carolina, but the Indracross have to come over here, which is cool. But my brother is actually racing tonight and we both find our head, so it's pretty funny.

[00:02:46.380] - Dale

I saw he was out there. I wasn't sure because I didn't see his name in the points, so I figured it was he wasn't a normal.

[00:02:51.900] - William Rirardon

No, he's just popping in. He was over here and thought, why not do the last 2 hours?

[00:02:58.590] - Dale

So you're writing for what, Rpm?

[00:03:01.990] - William Rirardon

Rpm KPM.

[00:03:03.360] - Dale

Yeah. So what's the plans going forward? You're going to keep doing this hard Enduro, you said, and like the US Hardendural series yeah.

[00:03:11.100] - William Rirardon

So that starts up early next year, so I'll do that and then enjoy Cross as well next year. And I'll just do that for as long as I know.

[00:03:21.150] - Dale

Where are you based on them?

[00:03:24.110] - William Rirardon

I kind of travel around. I've been staying in San Diego with some friends, been there for a month. I go back there for a couple of weeks. They've got their own nice people, the McCarthy's. They got a nice track and everything that we can ride with them. So it works out well to stay there.

[00:03:40.450] - Dale

Yeah. You're just the road warrior, aren't you? Just living on the road, sleeping on couches, maybe.

[00:03:44.580] - William Rirardon

Yeah, exactly. It's a pretty loose sleeping set up. I'm under the ping pong table in my bed roll and then people on couches, people everywhere. But it's good we all trained together and I got my van, so kind of load that crap and off we go.

[00:03:59.820] - Dale

So what are your thoughts on the whole EnduroCross experience? Is this your first season doing it, then?

[00:04:04.620] - William Rirardon

No, this is my third full season. I'm liking it. I started the first two rounds are really bad, which is no good, but I changed, I guess, my mentality and whatnot. And the last couple of rounds have been really good or a lot better and hope to keep that going.

[00:04:27.870] - Dale

Such a unique discipline too, isn't it, to focus on. It's all these people that are just specialists in this series now.

[00:04:33.480] - William Rirardon

Yeah, exactly. And it works out well. A lot of us do this in bureaucracy and hard and bureau, so it keeps us busy, for sure.

[00:04:42.060] - Dale

Right on. Well, looking forward to seeing how you do this rest of the year and this evening. And best of luck to you this year, next year.

[00:04:49.560] - William Rirardon

Thank you. Appreciate it.

[00:04:53.140] - Dale

Max Kirsten, longtime enduro cross racer. Max, how's it going this year?

[00:04:59.230] - Max Kirsten

So far, so good. A few ups and downs, but overall enjoying the process and having a lot of fun, that's for sure.

[00:05:07.240] - Dale

This year seems like it's been a little tougher, hasn't it? Seemed like there's, I think, kind of three past champions in the class right now, so it's pretty brutal out there.

[00:05:14.970] - Max Kirsten

Yeah. The Endura crossfield is nothing short of world class right now, but it's great for the series because now if you do well in this series, then you're a world level writer and all the top ten guys right now are world level writers and everybody's capable of the top five. So it's great thing.

[00:05:29.890] - Dale

And then that kind of trickles over into the US hard Endural series where you guys kind of meet again and once again, same thing. Everybody's battling that series. Kind of seems like it keeps elevating each year and getting better.

[00:05:40.020] - Max Kirsten

Yeah. And I'm not even racing the hardened rows anymore. I did the immediate deal with them. You're kind of like what Paul Bolton is doing. So as a representative of the Hardened Row series, I would love nothing more. But to have all this foreign talent come over to the States and see what they got for the US Harder Series. Having everybody over here definitely elevates the sport.

[00:06:00.670] - Dale

Yeah, for sure. So what are you up to these days during the week? Are you full time now racing or you get something else going on too?

[00:06:07.560] - Max Kirsten

Everything I do seems like it's full time, but I'm racing EnduroCross. I'm doing the media specialist job for the US Harder Series, and I do coaching in between it all. I do clinics, public clinics, off road clinics through my business, max off road and all that. So I'm either running here or running there.

[00:06:27.560] - Dale

I'm just curious because I've been seeing a lot of these people getting certified. That USMCA certification. Have you done that yet?

[00:06:34.090] - Max Kirsten

I'm USMCA certified, actually. I'm Mechanic Nick is U s. MCA certified, and I have another coach, Katie, who's U s. MCA certified, and they do Intro to Dirt clinics and stuff like that back in Arizona, which is really fun. And I focus more on the technical off road riding type of clinics.

[00:06:51.880] - Dale

A lot of people don't really know about that. I've been learning more about it and there's a lot of cool things about it because it's not just like how to teach, it's how to conduct yourself as a professional. Right, like how to talk to younger people.

[00:07:04.910] - Max Kirsten

Yeah, 100%. There's a lot of good information on how to deal with people, but at the end of the day, the certification is great and it clears you for emergency situations and it teaches you how to handle a lot of different situations. But experience is where having a lot of experience is the best way to have it. And everybody learns differently, and the USMCA does a great job of basically teaching you, here's what's going to happen. People learn differently. It's going to be different situations. You got to deal with parents and different things. So I'm thrilled with the GOSM CA.

[00:07:39.220] - Dale

That's awesome. So what's next? Next for Max Kirsten. What do you got going on in the future?

[00:07:44.070] - Max Kirsten

Up next for me is I'm shooting for a top five this weekend. I want to finish the series strong with Boise and Reno. I've had a decent season, some ups and downs, but it's been a challenge as it gets the races. So I want to just finish strong and ride to my full potential these last two. And then after that I'm going to get back into knife making again and keep my clinics going.

[00:08:05.590] - Dale

You said knife making?

[00:08:06.760] - Max Kirsten

Yeah, I'm a knife maker. I've been a knife maker since I was a little kid. I haven't done it for a while, but I want to get back into it just for a hobby and something to do. Between that coaching and clinics and racing and the US Rust series, I'll have my hands full.

[00:08:21.550] - Dale

That sounds cool. It sounds very technical and kind of very meticulous. Like when you're doing the knife making.

[00:08:26.460] - Max Kirsten

It is very meticulous. I have to find a balance between my perfectionist self and productivity self, I guess.

[00:08:34.210] - Dale

That's hilarious. Yeah, it sounds like something that would be almost like a calming effect, like in very meditative, almost doing something like that.

[00:08:40.860] - Max Kirsten

It is very meditative. And taking raw materials and turning it into a useful tool is satisfying in some way. So I don't know.

[00:08:48.150] - Dale

It's fun.

[00:08:48.570] - Max Kirsten

I've always liked doing it. It's kind of a weird thing or a different type of thing, but I enjoy it.

[00:08:53.160] - Dale

That's super cool. Multi talented Max Kirsten. Well, thanks a lot. I appreciate your time today.

[00:08:57.100] - Max Kirsten

No problem. Thank you.

[00:09:01.240] - Dale

All right, we're here with 7th place in the standings, Tim Apollo. Tim, how are you doing? You're from Germany, right? You came over for the EnduroCross series in the US.

[00:09:09.370] - Tim Apollo

It's up. Yeah, I'm from Germany all the way. Long way from me. Simon's in point, so I'm pretty happy with the EnduroCross. This season competition is stacked, but I'm happy to be out there and get some good races in this season. So yeah.

[00:09:22.630] - Dale

Now is this your second year in the series?

[00:09:25.140] - Tim Apollo

Yeah, I did last season and that's my second season.

[00:09:28.390] - Dale

And then you do super enduro, too, right? Like, you compete in that series as well?

[00:09:32.160] - Tim Apollo

Yeah, as soon as this season is over, I'm gonna do the super enduro season back in Europe. That's called the super war championship. So, yeah, pretty stock to keep racing.

[00:09:41.110] - Dale

So what else do you do? Do you do hard enduro series in Europe as well, then?

[00:09:45.550] - Tim Apollo

I'm not sure about next year, but I did AMA Hondura outdoors this year over here, and then I go right into enduro cross. And now we have super enduro right after. I'm not sure about what's coming after. I have to make a plan in a couple of weeks where we see something's going to happen.

[00:10:01.110] - Dale

Where you been based at over here when you've been staying here in the US.

[00:10:04.350] - Tim Apollo

I used to stay pretty much in Arizona Phoenix area, and then I spend all the time in California, San Diego, and now I'm pretty much traveling around because, like, weekend for weekend, everything is going to be race.

[00:10:15.430] - Dale

So just traveling around, lots of traveling in the US. Isn't there?

[00:10:19.230] - Tim Apollo

It's a huge country. Can't compare to Germany.

[00:10:21.940] - Dale

How about you been able to go to any cool riding areas? Like kind of bucket list places that you've seen, like Utah or anything like that?

[00:10:28.890] - Tim Apollo

Yeah, I've been in Utah. I've been in Colorado Montreal area, lots of riding. Arizona, also riding California, often up in Idaho porter lane area. So that's pretty cool. I was in Tennessee this season, so I saw 23 states this year.

[00:10:45.560] - Dale

That's awesome. Yeah, there's a lot of places here. It's almost like paradise, isn't it, for motorcycling? Because Europe is way harder, isn't it? It's all private tracks.

[00:10:55.260] - Tim Apollo

It's all illegal if we would do that, I mean, it would be possible, but you get imprisoned only. Oh, yes. It's a dreamland just to go wherever, go riding. It's amazing over here. I like it.

[00:11:05.770] - Dale

Awesome. So what do you think of the track tonight? Boise is always a good big track and so expectations for time.

[00:11:12.810] - Tim Apollo

Nope, having fun, getting my best. I think everything's going to happen by himself.

[00:11:18.130] - Dale

Awesome. Well, best of luck and I appreciate your time.

[00:11:20.500] - Tim Apollo

Thank you very much.

[00:11:24.040] - Dale

All right, I'm here with Taddy Blazusiak, second place, some points, right? I think you're tied in second. Good to see you back at Endural cross. So how's it been going for you this year?

[00:11:32.670] - Taddy Blazusiak

Yeah, it's been good, man. I mean, I'm happy to be back. It's been like three, four years since I've been here last in 19. So it's been good to be back and co to be that we're still up front in everything for the championship. Last round in Denver cost a lot of points with the fact she wanted me to do this carndur in between the races. So it kind of like threw me off with my prep and everything, but other than that, it's all good. I mean, I'm super stoked. Second in points, winning some races and leading championship all the way up to Denver, which is awesome. And we're in it. So it's all about the next two races and definitely we're going to go out there and go as hard as we can.

[00:12:09.900] - Dale

Well, it seems like from what I can tell from the outside looking in, you're just having a lot of fun right now riding your motorcycle and it's like, I don't know if it's his gas gas thing, like Justin barscheff having fun fun with the gas gas. But, man, it just seems like I think you did irsberg audio this year. I mean, you're just riding, having fun, having a good time.

[00:12:28.750] - Taddy Blazusiak

Yeah, 100%. It's like at this point in my career, I've won basically everything I wanted to win in my career. So I was really fortunate with to accomplish everything I wanted to accomplish and lay in the later stage of my career right now where you kind of like see things from different perspective. I'm still super competitive, so I still want to be out there and win, but on the other hand, I would have done it. So it's kind of a bonus round. Yeah, it's like a mindset. It's awesome. It's awesome to be out here, see all the fans and raise the voice. They're like ten years younger, so it's awesome.

[00:12:59.190] - Dale

Well, you're always a crowd favorite, it seems like to win that opening round, that'd be pretty cool. Kind of a bonus, too, right?

[00:13:05.470] - Taddy Blazusiak

100% coming in. I know that was riding really good. I had a rough season this year. I broke my wrist when at the end of the superintendent resident back home. So that cost me quite a few months when bad injuries, it's one of the injuries that just take a lot of time. So, yeah, I was coming in, I was riding good, and I know that I want to be competitive in the championship. Like, I'm going to be going for the championship. So, yes, win the first one straight up, get the first one out of the way and win it. It's awesome, for sure.

[00:13:36.930] - Dale

Awesome. So what else do you get up to these days? Do you kind of help with the development of the bikes too? With gas. Gas?

[00:13:42.610] - Taddy Blazusiak

Yeah. At the end of the day, we are KD and Group. We are punter AG. So it's basically helping out with the bike. Like you said, I've been around the block for a while, so I guess my knowledge when it comes to that enduro cross, super enduro and hard enduro really helps in the experience. So we're helping out a little bit with that part. But then on the other hand, I'm still a fullon racer. We've been super busy with all the races. We all this championship we've been doing. So now it's been fun. I really enjoyed that Gas gas adventure and it's cool. I think the red color makes it faster to get it.

[00:14:21.040] - Dale

What's going on for you next year then? Going into next year, we just kind of more of the same. Yeah.

[00:14:25.290] - Taddy Blazusiak

What I'm doing next year is I'm going to be focusing super indoor indicators only. So it's going to be indoors only for me next year. That's my plan for the next two years. I want to focus on the indoors and I've done everything I wanted to do both indoors and outdoors, to be honest. But I feel like indoor is a little bit more national for me. I'm more of an all out guy. A 30 minutes motor comes easier to me than racing for 8 hours, so it's kind of more my thing. I'm more of a racer, all out racer than the hard enduro guy. So I'm in the stage of my career, I can actually decide what I want to do, which is really awesome, and the team agrees with it, so it's cool. So, yeah, that's me for next year and mostly for next two years.

[00:15:05.140] - Dale

Maybe you'll start a new trend, kind of like in supercast, the supercross only contract you'll have, the Endural cross only contract. Yeah.

[00:15:11.620] - Taddy Blazusiak

I think it's kind of natural, I guess towards the end, some guys, I know some guys that they've done both and they went outdoors only, for example. It's more natural for them. I think you just got to know what's better for you and what do you enjoy doing more? Like, I like being out here and just giving it everything for them. Ten minutes. This is who I am.

[00:15:32.650] - Dale

Crowd energy. You kind of build on.

[00:15:34.420] - Taddy Blazusiak

Yeah, 100%. I like the environment of racing indoors. It's our supercross and for someone like myself that I'm pretty explosive and I like spending, so it's definitely what I'm best at, for sure.

[00:15:50.280] - Dale

Well, Boise track always seems like it's a good one. It seems to be a big one, good obstacle. So should be a fun one tonight. Obviously, you're probably going for the win, obviously, 100%.

[00:15:59.400] - Taddy Blazusiak

It's two rounds to go and we're going to be thinking points, but right now, thinking points is actually trying to win, basically. So sure. We're going to have to see where the other guys are at once we get going. There's a three motor format, so we're going to be paying attention to everything. But, yeah, it's go time.

[00:16:17.370] - Dale

Awesome. Really appreciate your time. Best of luck today.

[00:16:19.600] - Taddy Blazusiak

Thank you very much.

[00:16:22.160] - Dale

Before you finish today's episode, first we have a word from our sponsor. All right here at Boise Endurcross with Cody Webb. Cody, how's the season going for you so far?

[00:16:36.940] - Cody Webb

Season's been going pretty well. A rough start around one. Didn't score very many points and came out and 16th. Got to do daytime Qualifiers for the first time since 2009, something like that for me, and then I've finished second every time since, and I've just been putting myself in a good position and not making huge mistakes. Honestly, this season I've been behind the eight ball I have the last couple of seasons with indiro cross with injuries and this and that. I mean, I missed pretty much all last year with bad wrist and never healed right, but never realized that until I obliterated it in superduro back in March and pretty rough surgery to get back at it and not a huge amount of time leading up to the season. Still feeling the effects of a sore risk, but just going out there and trying to do my best every weekend and put myself in a good position and I've clawed my way back in the championship. It's still be obviously really tough to get the overall winning, but we're still fighting hard and pretty solid chances. Still finishing second if I stay consistent.

[00:17:33.760] - Dale

Yeah, I've noticed this year it seems like I mean, the parity, I think I've never seen a series this competitive in quite a number of years. Seems like every race is just chaos. You could be win a moto and then the next one guys, six blades. It's definitely crazy this year.

[00:17:48.310] - Cody Webb

Yeah, it's super crazy. And then the fact that you have five or six guys who can easily win a moto and overall for the night, if they put it all together, it amps it up even more. I mean, a couple of years ago after Toddy retired and the first time since back now, but maybe 20 16, 20 17 is kind of like the Cody and Colton Show. And then everyone stepped it up huge, and you got young guys like Cooper Abbott on Turgo team with me and Trystan's Hearts obviously stepped it up a time. So there's just a lot of guys battling it out, and all it takes is one bad moto and you're out for the night. On winning that overall.

[00:18:22.870] - Dale

Like you said, though, you fought back. You're still in contention. I think you're like you're not you're two points maybe out of tie for second place, so there's a chance to definitely be close to the championship. But when you got 2 miles left, you're still going to go for it though, right?

[00:18:37.050] - Cody Webb

Yeah, two rounds left. I got to go for it. I mean, I was pretty bummed after the first round and kind of I didn't give up. I knew there was still a chance, but I was like, whatever. The seasons awash. And the results have been all over across the board. I've just been calling my way back and I intend to keep doing this, and I really at least want to get an overall win before the season finishes out. So maybe tonight. Tonight in Boise for me.

[00:18:59.920] - Dale

Right on. What's next? Then after that, you're going to do the super enduro series or you got something else going on for next year going into 2023? Yes.

[00:19:07.560] - Cody Webb

So for 23, we're planning on doing the FIM Super Neuro series. There's some crazy oneoff race that Pestran is putting on the Dominican Republic right after this series ends. So I'm doing terrain furno, which I don't know what I heard about that.

[00:19:21.580] - Dale

Actually, it looks pretty wild.

[00:19:22.950] - Cody Webb

It's got like freestyle guy, flat track guys, hardened, or it's like a mixture of everything. But I think the moto guys will probably be screwed. I think it will be pretty tough. I've been there before, so I'm going there. I mean, I'm kind of taking it as like a little family vacation and also riding at the same time.

[00:19:39.280] - Dale

It's Travis destroys. You know it's going to be nuts.

[00:19:41.910] - Cody Webb

I'm just really afraid there's going to be like, elevated stuff hung by cables, and I'm nervous for that.

[00:19:47.500] - Dale

Taking your bike across like a Spanish.

[00:19:49.540] - Cody Webb

Bridge or something like that.

[00:19:50.680] - Tim Apollo

Yeah, I've seen them.

[00:19:51.300] - Cody Webb

They made like a huge bowl turn out over the sea where they did a wall ride basically over the ocean water. So don't fall in there. Consult is not good for the bike.

[00:20:02.010] - Dale

What about obviously, like, us hard enduro series again, too? Are you going to do that full time next year?

[00:20:07.630] - Cody Webb

Yeah, I really am looking forward to getting back to that series, man. I feel like I've kind of been at the forefront for all the hard and dressed stuff here in the States, and the series kind of growing and expanding and trying to build momentum for it. Last year, I guess this year I missed the whole thing with a wrist injury. So I was super bummed and really looking forward to get back and try and make that series grow.

[00:20:29.080] - Dale

Yes, that definitely series seems like it's on the up and up like the good rounds from what I saw this year. Some of the ones that I actually like to watch were Jesse Ziegler. His cycle news series was just a riot because it really showed how the true what it's like to be an amateur raising that and you guys just make it look so easy. But yeah, that series looks killer and so, yeah, it'd be great to see you back in that next year. So it sounds like that's what you'll be doing.

[00:20:53.070] - Cody Webb

Yeah, I'm doing hardened cross super neuro. I'm trying to just juggle it all. So just really looking forward to get back on the two stroke and doing that hardened rough stuff again. But I still got a while soil that happens, so we'll do the best we can to prepare for next season.

[00:21:08.280] - Dale

Awesome. Well, I wish you all the best and I appreciate your time today. All right, I'm here with Trystan Hart points leader in the Enduro Cross Championship series. Trystan, man, it's been one hell of a year for you this year, man. You've wrapped up the US enduro Championship, you're winning the EnduroCross Championship, got a podium at Irsberg. It's been one hell of a year.

[00:21:30.660] - Trystan Hart

Yeah, I mean, really good year. If you would have asked me a couple of years ago if I had a season like this, I would have been like, yeah, that'd be amazing. But now that it's happening, it just kind of feels normal, I'd say, and kind of just what I expected myself at this point. So it's really cool that it's happening. But I've been at this for a long time now, so I kind of expected this at some point.

[00:21:52.650] - Dale

Yeah, you just seem like you just keep progressing every year, getting better and better. Like I said, the land on the podium at Irsberg rodeo, that had to be a pretty big kind of a bucket list thing there for you.

[00:22:02.590] - Trystan Hart

Yeah, Irsberg was big, and that race just has so much going on, too. And the Europeans, definitely, they have that place dialed. So as a North American to go over there and get on the podium, it's pretty hard nowadays, I'd say. So we'll see how the North Americans do there in the future. We still have Cody, who I think could have won that race a couple of years ago if you didn't get hurt, but we got Ryder coming up who's going to be good there, so hopefully we can get an all North American podium one day. That'd be really cool.

[00:22:29.070] - Dale

Yeah, it seems like I've noticed other people have said this, too. There's kind of like this new school of these hard enduro riders, like, maybe like yourself and like, Ryder Leblond is a good example that kind of grow up just riding that hard enduro. So it's like very much a specialist now. Would you say that's kind of the case?

[00:22:43.740] - Trystan Hart

Yeah, for sure. Because most of these guys, other than Mean Ryder and Wade Young, they're all grew up riding Trials until they were 20 years old, where Mean Ryder kind of grew up riding this stuff, so it's just all different. But it's cool that we didn't grow up riding Trials all our life and we're still able to do it because a couple of years ago, if you didn't ride a trials bike from when you were three to 20, they said no chance of success in this sport. So feel like I've kind of changed that a bit here. Kind of changed the motto and hopefully going forward we get more young kids that just get into it young and just come in and change the sport.

[00:23:18.690] - Dale

Right on. So what do you think about have you seen the track yet here? Boise always seems like it's a good round here. It's like big obstacles, rocks, lots of good stuff.

[00:23:28.030] - Trystan Hart

Normally it's in your face here in Boise and the logs are usually huge and the dirt's really good, but this year is a bit on the easier side, I'd say it's a really tough matrix, but other than that, everything's going to be really tight, I think, between the top guys. So to make something happen here, you're just going to have to be pretty aggressive, I think.

[00:23:44.440] - Dale

Speaking of tight, we just seem like the racing this year is just like I don't think it's been as close in quite a few years where you've got quite a bit of parity. This year you've got probably four previous champions in there, so, I mean, there's a lot of from one race to the next, you've got people finishing, winning a race and then go to fifth and it's kind of chaotic.

[00:24:00.690] - Trystan Hart

Yeah, for sure. This year is probably the deepest field we've ever had of, like, top, top guys. I think there's six guys that can win on any given night, just on the way the night folds out. So it's definitely a good year to be a fan and come and watch one of these, that's for sure.

[00:24:14.070] - Dale

Yeah. So I assume the goal is just full steam ahead going for this championship, and then what about in the next year? Got any ideas what your plan is going to be for next year?

[00:24:22.500] - Trystan Hart

Well, it'll probably be more or less the same. Just dabbling in Europe and then also doing the two series here in the US. Hopefully when I go over to Europe, I can do a little better. I've kind of struggled going to Europe with the bike. I don't know what it is, but when I go to Europe, it's just not the same Trystan Hart that's here in the US. So hopefully we can figure that out next year and kind of put it on the top spot over in Europe.

[00:24:44.320] - Dale

Well, speaking of that, US heart Endure series, it just seems like that just keeps progressing, getting better and better. Some of the races they had, like, the Idaho round looked like it was amazing. This year. So, yeah, I think that series seems like it's on the up and up.

[00:24:55.260] - Trystan Hart

Yeah, for sure. The US. Hardened row scene is growing really fast, so I think going forward, that's going to be one of the top series in the States.

[00:25:02.980] - Dale

Awesome. We really appreciate your time. Best of luck today, and thanks again.

[00:25:06.610] - Trystan Hart

Thank you.

[00:25:11.060] - Dale

All right, boys. The enduro cross ron, we're here with Colton Hacker, five time champion. Colton, how's your season been so far?

[00:25:17.130] - Colton Haaker

It's been a rough one, man. Yeah. I haven't even been on the podium. I've tied twice for third, have good runs, but just seem to have at least one really bad motor or just things just cash apple could go wrong. I don't know if I can really pinpoint on anything particular, but it is what it is. You have up years, down years. If you can just kind of keep yourself in the middle and just realize that you still got it, you just need to have it put together in the right way, then it's all good.

[00:25:44.490] - Dale

Yeah. So anyways, the Boise round always a good round. Seems like it's a big track, big obstacles, but I guess it seems like it's a little mellower expectations for tonight. I'm obviously going for the win. Yes.

[00:25:55.420] - Colton Haaker

I'm always trying to win, right? I mean, I've been trying to win all year, so we're just kind of trying to keep that going.

[00:26:00.330] - Dale

Yeah. So what have you been doing in between? So you're doing a Dural cost this year. You did a little bit of, like I think you did some US. Hard and durable rounds. Did you get into the whole series? All right?

[00:26:10.690] - Colton Haaker

I got injured. I had injured. I got Lyme disease. Lyme disease last year. I got Epstein Bar this year.

[00:26:16.830] - Dale

Oh, wow. So is that something you got here, like, in Idaho? The Lyme disease, I think it got in Ohio. Oh, yeah.

[00:26:22.450] - Colton Haaker


[00:26:22.720] - Dale


[00:26:23.190] - Colton Haaker

Racing in Ohio. I got hit by tick in the race, and then I got home, and all of a sudden I had a big old ring from a tick, and they're like, yeah, that's Lyme disease.

[00:26:31.320] - Dale

It's nothing to mess with either.

[00:26:33.490] - Colton Haaker

Bit of a couple of weeks there. You're like, it's gone. You're good. And then Epstein bar this year. Another weird one. So I don't know.

[00:26:41.170] - Dale

So you're full time Idaho now, I think you're saying.

[00:26:43.600] - Colton Haaker

Yeah, full time in quarterly.

[00:26:45.430] - Dale

What's in store for next season? Kind of just more of the same.

[00:26:48.060] - Colton Haaker

Yeah. Contracted with rockstar. Husky. Same deal. US hardened to and enduro cross and so got two kids at home, four year old and two year old. This week, we were thinking about switching them to schools in different schools. So I'm doing real life real life choices, real parenting. So some days I'm a big time parent, and some days I'm a big time racer. And someday you know what I mean?

[00:27:13.310] - Dale

Hashtag dad life, right?

[00:27:15.040] - Colton Haaker

Yeah. We're mixing it up all the time. So it's fun. It's been cool. Obviously, it's evolution of life. So I don't know. Looking forward to next year, having some better results, kind of trying to improve on what I did this year and just try to get at least one more indoor cross championship next year while I sell the contract, and then we'll be winning this indoor cross rider to date. Excellent. That'll be the goal.

[00:27:42.210] - Dale

Superheroes, are you doing that series?

[00:27:44.410] - Colton Haaker

No, it doesn't look like I'm going super enduro. Honestly, timing for me is tough. I live in North Idaho now, so winters aren't exactly ideal. I'd love to stay in California, but like I said, I got a four year old, two year old, and taking them out of school and doing the whole thing to train properly in California, it's just difficult. It's not totally the easiest thing in the world, but I think if you give an opportunity to go, I would make it happen.

[00:28:06.670] - Dale

Right on. Well, I appreciate your time. Best of luck tonight and all the best next season.

[00:28:15.040] - Dale

Here at the Boise Enduro Cross with Ryder LeBlond, rider eight in the points right now. Is this your first time with the Enduro Cross series?

[00:28:22.180] - Ryder Leblond

No, this is technically my third year doing it. Second, you're doing the indoors, but yeah, having fun with it and need to step it up a little bit.

[00:28:30.260] - Dale

Now, in addition to this, you also do the US hardened Bureau series, right? That seems like your primary focus.

[00:28:35.830] - Ryder Leblond

Yeah, for sure. I think for right now, both of these series are equally important for me. Also, this one maybe a little more because I struggle more, but I definitely have, like, proven myself a little more. The hardened rose. I just need to do the same here.

[00:28:48.030] - Dale

Yeah. Now, I've actually talked to quite a number of people that have said, like, you are one of those people. It's kind of like the new school for hard enduro. You didn't necessarily grow up riding Enduro and then had a trials background. You pretty much have focused on hard enduro and enduro cross type riding.

[00:29:02.920] - Ryder Leblond

Yeah, pretty much. Like, I actually grew up racing Hair Scrambles, the GNCC, and up until 2020, that's all I did. And then just made the switch over because I seem to do a little better. Honestly, I enjoy riding it more, so why would I not?

[00:29:17.280] - Dale

Yeah, absolutely. And so it looks like you're putting it under the rockstar team canopy here. So are they kind of helping you out for the Enduro Cross series?

[00:29:23.880] - Ryder Leblond

Yeah, for sure. Husky has helped me out a ton this year. They stepped in right after the last hard enduro, and they take my bike to the races and makes it easier for me. I don't have to worry about getting the bike ready. Marshall, he's been working on the bike for me, husky mechanic and the whole team, they've been helping me out of.

[00:29:39.300] - Dale

Time now, you said you're from the East Coast, right?

[00:29:41.770] - Ryder Leblond

Yes, Pennsylvania.

[00:29:42.790] - Dale

Pennsylvania. Yeah. I grew up in Ohio, so I thought you were from back east. Yeah, but it's got to be hard to kind of split your time between the east and the west because this series is pretty much on the west and then harder Darrell is all over the place.

[00:29:53.040] - Ryder Leblond

Yeah, it definitely makes it more difficult for this series in particular because the closest one is Denver, and if I drove, that's 27 hours, and that's kind of unreasonable if you want to get good training and if you want to get to the race on time. So I just fly this year. It's a little more expensive, I think, but it's like one of those things, like, spend a little more, but it pays off hopefully sooner and more time to recover after.

[00:30:16.380] - Dale

Absolutely. So plans for next year, like going into next year, I would assume, like, the US. Hard and roll series. You're going to do this again?

[00:30:22.870] - Ryder Leblond

Yeah, that's why I plan to do the same exact thing. Hopefully do some more races in Europe, too. Like, this year I did Irsburg. Next year I hope to do a couple more over there and just see where it all takes me.

[00:30:32.010] - Dale

How was the Irisburg experience for you?

[00:30:34.210] - Ryder Leblond

It was pretty good. I struggled more than I thought I would, but I got tense, which I think is pretty good. For my first time I didn't finish, which was like, my biggest goal was to finish. But it was an early year. This year, I guess it's the hardest it's ever been, so I got a true taste of it.

[00:30:47.470] - Dale

How crazy is that? You get 10th and you didn't finish. That just shows you how difficult that race is.

[00:30:52.090] - Ryder Leblond

Yeah, for sure. It's like just how many good people there are to the top 30 is like, the top five here. So many more racers over there, and it's been around a lot longer, so everyone's so good. It's tough to get in that top ten level and finish the race, but yeah, I'm looking forward to everything that happens in the next year.

[00:31:09.250] - Dale

This series right now. Talk about there's some parody right now in this series. I think we have four past champions now right now lining up. So definitely a serious competition this year.

[00:31:18.010] - Ryder Leblond

It is, yeah. The field is, like, stacked. In my opinion. There's, like, six or seven guys who could win Moto's and be on that podium, so just got to get good stars. I found the most important thing. I've got bad starts this year, and it's kind of where you finish. I always have got bad starts, and they finish in the back. It just got to be up there to win.

[00:31:38.200] - Dale

Awesome. Well, looking forward to seeing where your career goes over the next few years. You seem like you're definitely one of those riders to be on the lookout for and good luck and best luck for this year and next year, too.

[00:31:49.030] - Ryder Leblond

Yeah, thank you very much.

[00:31:52.840] - Dale

All right, I'm here. Boise round and Durham cross with Johnny Walker tied second place and points. What are your expectations coming in this round?

[00:32:00.430] - Johnny Walker

I'm feeling good coming in. Last week I was third, but I felt like I was the fastest there, so I'm feeling confident coming in to hear that I can do the same. But obviously the main goal is to win and get some points back tonight and then hopefully we can fight it out for the championship at the final round.

[00:32:16.530] - Dale

In addition to this. Are you going to do the world, like, the Super Duo Series after this, then?

[00:32:21.180] - Johnny Walker

Yeah, so I've had to send my mechanic home from here now, just because we've only got four weeks before the World Championship and yeah, we've got no engines at home, no bikes built, so he's gone home to build them because we're good here. I've got a mechanic here. So, yeah, in four weeks we start the World Championship.

[00:32:38.850] - Dale

So for next year, then, will you do like, the hardened Earl Series in Europe again or you think about maybe coming over here or splitting your time?

[00:32:45.430] - Johnny Walker

Yeah, I don't have much of a plan at the moment. I'm going to go home from here, race the Super Enduro World Championship, which finishes in March, and then I want to come back out here, race the Enduro cross at the end of the year. So that gives me like, six months to do other races. I'm not going to race the world outdoor championship. I think I'll just do fun races. I might come out here and do one or two races here, a few races in Europe, and then just some random races that I pick around the world.

[00:33:06.910] - Dale

So it's interesting. I was talking to Teddy a little bit ago and he said he's thinking about doing just an indoor only next year. Kind of like starting like a supercross only thing. You guys from Durrell cross. We're going to have a Durhakross only now.

[00:33:17.190] - Johnny Walker

Yeah, that's my plan. I think Teddy a lot and we're both on the same level kind of thing.

[00:33:24.110] - Johnny Walker

Well, we're not old, but me and him prefer to do the indoor races, so I enjoy them a lot. So to race the outdoors as well. We've got ten races of them. If we did seven races, super Nuo, seven races of the Enduro Cross. That's like every weekend.

[00:33:38.190] - Dale

Yeah. It's got to be just a completely different set up on the bikes and everything, too. So it's just going back and forth.

[00:33:43.210] - Johnny Walker

Exactly. And he used to have an Enduro Cross only deal anyways, enduro Cost and Super Enduro. So he's pushing to go back that way. I'm kind of pushing to go that way because I've had so many injuries. And racing the long race is like five days, eight hour days is just not good for all my injuries I've had.

[00:33:58.600] - Dale

Right on. Really appreciate your time and I'll let you get back to you. I know you got a lot going on here, and so best of luck tonight.

[00:34:03.700] - Johnny Walker

Thank you very much.

[00:34:05.290] - Dale

Thanks everyone, for listening. That's a wrap from the Boise Enduro cross. If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to follow Pit Pass Moto on your favorite podcast app so you never miss an episode. If you have a moment, please rate and review our show. We'd really appreciate it. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and visit, where you can check out our blog, listen to past episodes and purchase your own Pit Pass Moto swag.

[00:34:44.890] - Dale

This has been a production of Evergreen Podcast. A special thank you to Tommy Boy Halverson and the production team at Wessler Media. I'm Dale Spangler.

[00:34:54.480] - Dave

And I'm Dave Sulecki. See you next week on Pit Pass Moto.

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