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Davey Coombs- Editor-In-Chief/Founder of Racer X and President of MX Sports

Davey Coombs, Editor-In-Chief and Founder of Racer X and President of MX Sports, discusses the growth of motorsports during the pandemic, the building of the Safe to Race Task Force, and transitioning to the Rider and Racer Retention Task Force. Davey also talks about the media landscape evolving since creating Racer X 20 years ago, the adaptability he has seen in the motorsports industry, and the need to be creative to “keep the wheels turning.”

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Welcome to Pit Pass Moto, the show that keeps you up to speed on the latest in motorcycling and brings the biggest names in motorcycle racing right to you.

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I'm Dave Sulecki and I'm Dale Spangler. This week on Pit Pass Moto, we have editor in chief and founder of Racer X Illustrated, Davey Coombs. This week we're rolling out a new feature here on Pit Pass Moto that we'll use from time to time to provide a focused conversation about a chosen race from the weekend. Dub the Pit Pass Weekend Watch. Dave and I will choose a race to watch over the weekend and then bring you our observations of that particular race. Races can be anything from World Superbike to AMA Supercross Moto GP, MXGP, and everything in between.

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This week's weekend watch is the MXGP of Lombardia, around 17 of 18 in the series. Dave, what are your thoughts on this weekend's? Mxgp and Lombardia? So much action going on. Tensions were high. The atmosphere was absolutely electric capacity, crowd going crazy. I noticed that there were fans from what announcer Paul Malin mentioned, fans traveled from Sylvia for Geyser and France for February and Netherlands for Hurling, so it was just absolutely electric atmosphere at this weekend's race.

[00:01:37.790] - Dave Sulecki

Yeah, for me, honestly, it was the action on the track that was just killer. Romaine Faber, I think, took that first Moto and used it as a statement. It was great to see, and I really look forward to seeing him kind of come into his own in the series and he's clinging to a small lead. It's only three points over hurlings, who rode strong all day and took the overall. But I think really, he's got to be inside Hurling's head a little bit. And by winning that first Moto and going one two on the day, he just looks strong and I can't wait for this last round, which is coming up November 10 where they're going to go to final battle.

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And it's really amazing to watch an 18 round series come down to really a one race series at the end of the day is what it's going to be.

[00:02:22.550] - Dale Spangler

Yes, it's pretty incredible that there's only three points separating hurlings and February. Unfortunately for Tim Geyser, he took himself somewhat out of the running for the title after a mishap in the first Moto, where he was pushed off the track in the first turn and he re entered the track where he thought was a safe place. But he was docked five positions and therefore he drops to 15 points down on the Championship lead, which February retains coming into this Wednesday's race. Yeah. It's going to be interesting to see if team orders come to play in this final round.

[00:02:57.350] - Dale Spangler

We've seen it from KTM. We're starting to see it from Honda and Kalasaki, where Honda brought Ruben Fernandez up from the MX two class. And likewise, Kolasaki did the same with Matthews Boromay, and so it's going to be very interesting to see how team orders come about and how this final round goes down.

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[00:03:17.210] - Dave Sulecki

And I actually wouldn't blame KTM for trying to do something to kind of tilt the tables in their favor. And I'm not against it because, look, there's a lot at stake here in a Championship, not just bragging rights, but just for the brand. I think it's a good thing. And it almost looks like there's going to probably be some type of team tactics. Mx two also, where I think Yamaha might try to help Yago Gertz get that second place finish over Tom Vial. There's only seven points between those two riders, and Viel's been strong, you can't deny.

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I mean, he's gotten, I think, 21 whole shots this year out of the series, which is amazing, always up front.

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Gertz, he's strong, and I guess I wouldn't blame you. I'm offered kind of trying to do the same thing as KTM and help that guy move up the ladder.

[00:04:09.350] - Dale Spangler

No, you can't blame them.

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I mean, with the competition level so high right now and MXGP in both MX One and MX two team orders might have to come about again with the pay so high past is becoming more difficult for a guy like Tom Viel, it's kind of the what if he wouldn't have been injured there in the mid part of the season? Who knows where that title would be? But as you mentioned, Maxima knows already wrapped it up. And now it looks like Yamaha is probably going to try and land Yago Gert in the second position for Yamaha.

[00:04:41.570] - Dale Spangler

One, two sweep.

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And Yamaha has been winning a lot of titles in 2021, so they've already got that MX Two series. So why not see what else they can do? And one of the things that I really take away from this event and other events that have happened in MXGP is the economy of scale, where they combined events at the same venue, two to three events at the same venue to keep the riders in the paddock, not traveling as much. And I think kind of keep the covered situation a little bit more under control.

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So it's interesting to see. And I would like to gather your thoughts. Also, Dale and I know they've done the same thing in the US last year. They haven't done as much this year. So I kind of wonder what your ideas about that?

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[00:05:24.530] - Dale Spangler

I kind of think that that might be a direction that these series end up going in the future, just out of necessity. It does make things easier logistically. A lot of these places are starting to go to stateside and in Europe tend to be like car racing tracks, where they have the facilities to be able to have the motorcycles there. They have garages in some cases, some of the tracks, of course, don't. But I do think that might be something that they're going to have to do for the immediate near future because it's just being able to have three races and within a matter of a seven to ten day period certainly helps the series keep going.

[00:06:03.770] - Dale Spangler

And obviously it probably saves cost as well with it. Being a World Series. Getting around the world right now isn't very easy. And so I think that they're doing what they have to do and it seems to be working for them right now.

[00:06:16.490] - Dave Sulecki

So final thoughts are great series. It's one of the best series in MXGP I've seen in a very long time. The level of competition is high. You've got multiple rural Champions competing for that final title and it's going to come down to one final race, possibly the final Moto, which would be amazing. So hats off to MXGP for what they've done for motocross in Europe and really around the world. Really looking forward to 2022 this week's industry Spotlight We'd like to talk about the MIT. The Motorcycle Industry Council is making big changes to the Aim Motorcycle Expo, which is the American International Motorcycle Expo, which is really the trade show that took over the power sports industry several years back, tried to make it more of a public offering.

[00:07:18.510] - Dave Sulecki

They are now going back to a trade format going into the new year. They've also made another major change where they moved the date of the event into January, which is early in the year rather than October or late in the year. So getting feedback. I know a lot of the people I talk to in the industry that was a wise move, because that is really the beginning of each new season. So it'll be interesting to see how this plays out as they go trade only.

[00:07:46.110] - Dave Sulecki

We'll see how that shakes out for the industry.

[00:07:48.390] - Dale Spangler

Yes, it's great seeing that back after a couple of years hiatus, obviously with COVID causing some issues there. And then, of course, the event being in Las Vegas in January, which as we know, can be good and bad being in Vegas. But yeah, it's going to be interesting. As you said, they went back to that traditional January date where they used to have the show when it was back when it was in Indianapolis and before that Cincinnati, that's showing my age here. But yes, I think it's going to be really good.

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I think it will kick off the year for everybody kind of set the tone for the rest of the industry throughout the year. I've heard they're going to have some fun events, like an opening night party and some flat track racing going on. So I think it's going to be a pretty fun, entertaining trade show, and it's going to be great for everybody to see each other and shake hands again.

[00:08:53.270] - Dave Sulecki

This week's moment in motor history. We'd like to talk about the Paris Supercross. Now, that event started back in 1984 and for the 2021 season. I want to call it the Vet Fest version of Paris Supercross because they've invited riders. You wouldn't expect. Chad Reed has been invited out of retirement to attend the event. And they've also asked Antonio Cairoli to join the Paris Supercross, which takes place November 27. Antonio is a little hot. He's had a great season. He's won Motos and events and MXGP this year, so he's in perfect shape to go out there and battle it out.

[00:09:30.170] - Dave Sulecki

Chad Reed is coming off the couch to go to the racetrack, and that'll be interesting to see how he prepares and makes it to that event because it's short notice. But really, if there's ever a gamer in Supercross, it's chattering you can never count that guy out. I don't care how many years he takes off the bike. So really interesting and a long story, great history with that event. And we really look forward to seeing some of the names they're bringing out. They've invited Romayne Fabra, Justin Brighton, Marvin Muskin, Cole Celebs coming out of retirement, and even Ryan Sykes, Mr.

[00:10:05.690] - Dave Sulecki

Doodle, the guy who won the biggest outdoor offroad event in the world, the ISDT and also Josh Hill. So it ought to be interesting to see these guys do battle.

[00:10:17.630] - Dale Spangler

Yeah, it's quite an eclectic mix there of riders, as you pointed out. And it's interesting to see Antonio Cairoli kind of put a cap on the end of his career there by going to Paris in a way, I guess it'll sort of like be sort of farewell tour for him and might not be his forte riding Supercross, but I think it will be imagining it will be a good time for him to be able to just be in front of the crowd. And kind of like I said, one last send off.

[00:10:42.890] - Dale Spangler

And as you mentioned, Dave Chad Read can never count him out. I'm sure there's a ton of muscle memory going on there. He'll be back on the bike and probably ride for a couple of weeks and he'll be right in there again. So yes, looking forward to that. Like you said, some fun riders, Ryan Skypes, Josh Hill, Marvin Moonscan, Cole Steele, all those guys. I think it's going to be fun to tune in this year. So looking forward to that event.

[00:11:12.990] - Dave Sulecki

We'D like to welcome to Pitpas Moto today. David Coombs. He is the editor and founder of Racer X magazine and also President of MX Sports. Davy, welcome to the show, man.

[00:11:24.510] - Davey Coombs

Hey, thank you. Thanks for having me. Absolutely.

[00:11:27.330] - Dave Sulecki

Talk about this. 2021 MX season is behind us, and all things considered for you who manages the event and your team runs the events. The action on the track was just amazing. One of the best seasons we've seen in a long time. What's your take on how MX went this summer?

[00:11:47.070] - Davey Coombs

Well, it's a pretty broad question. I would say that one of the things that we learned sort of by accident in 2020 was that when the whole world is threatened with this is it. This is the last thing you get to do. A lot of people went out and bought dirt bikes. A lot of families got back in touch with going to the races and going hanging out in the van on the weekend because there's no better way to social distance than doing with dirt bikes, even though we had limited crowds and they were allowed to be at the events in 2020, the enthusiasm was through the roof.

[00:12:21.810] - Davey Coombs

Then things started to open up in the spring of 2021, and we got lucky in a way that our friends that fell to run Supercross did not. There was still a lot of restrictions and limited capacities and lack of fan interaction. And whatnot outdoors is a different animal altogether. And by the time we started up in May, it was like we were in a new normal and it was a wonderful normal. We were very lucky with the weather. Like you said, we had really compelling racing, and we had massive crowds, and it was just a really good time to spend the summer being at the races, and my fingers crossed that it rolls right through 2022 that everyone stays healthy and things open up even more from when we get back inside the stadiums.

[00:13:09.150] - Davey Coombs

And then who knows, maybe 2022 will be the biggest year ever for Lucasfila promotion.

[00:13:15.690] - Dave Sulecki

Yeah, let's hope so. It's going to be hard to top 2021 because I agree with everything you said about the enthusiasm, and you can see it in the size of the crowds and the interaction with the fans and how well it went and honestly credit to you guys and your team. I think you were very well prepared for how things rolled out in the 2021. You guys had a pretty good script to follow, and I think that showed in how things were executed this year. So hats off to you guys.

[00:13:45.150] - Davey Coombs

Much of the credit for that goes to my sister, Kerry Russell and also Tim Cotter and Roy Jansson. When things went sideways for our industry, as far as the pandemic goes, it was in between the 2020 Daytona Supercross in Indianapolis the next week. And if you remember correctly, they canceled on the Eve of the race. And I remember my sister getting us all together on a Zoom and saying, we have to figure this out on our own. We have to figure out the best way to approach this whole issue, and we have to convince people that we are safe to go racing again.

[00:14:22.710] - Davey Coombs

So we built this safe to race task force along with folks from NASCAR, the AMA, Feld, various other racing entities, motorcycles, bicycles, everyone and just talked about how when things did open back up, how are we going to position ourselves and help convince a local community that it was okay to let motorcycle riders and her family come to town and practice all the proper restrictions that was the playbook. And it worked really well despite not being able to have as big a crowd as anyone wanted.

[00:15:01.170] - Davey Coombs

But it did serve us perfectly for when things lightened up this season, but we still had to make some real. I want to say sacrifices. We couldn't have a lot of fan access to the pits because we may be an outdoor recreational motorized activity, which is much different than, say, going to a basketball game in an arena, the people in the paddock, the people with the OEMs, the teams, those are big corporations. And because a lot of them are based in California, they had some real heartache and concern about traveling out of state.

[00:15:39.750] - Davey Coombs

Anyone who has flown in the airplane in the last 18 months knows what a pain that is. And so we were really diligent with keeping all the rules and restrictions in place, because that's what the OEMs needed. That's what we needed from one another, and we made it work. And hopefully the things that we did will carry the sport for a couple of years to come, because like I said, my sister was the one that said, whatever we do when we have this downtime, that we didn't expect that will shape who we are when we come out of it.

[00:16:12.090] - Davey Coombs

And I think that the racing and the events and all the promoters and certainly the platform itself has never been better, and that's because we didn't take that idle time to just sit and wait and worry. We put our thinking caps on and went to the drawing board and came up with some common sense ways to get back out on the racetrack.

[00:16:32.850] - Dale Spangler

Hey, David, you recently wrote in the latest issue of Racetracks in your column reason for being that when the checkered flag fell on the last photo of this year's LucasFil Promoter Coast Championship, it came with a big sigh of relief from people on the infield and out on the track. Tell us a little bit about that statement and how difficult was it logistically to pull off these races every week?

[00:16:55.590] - Davey Coombs

Well, all I have to do is go back to 2020 and think about what happened with Supercross. And no one's wildest dream. Did they ever think that the Supercross series would end over a 22 day sprint through Salt Lake City seven different times. But that's what they had to do in order to get the series in and to have a compelling Championship that did not lose its heritage. There's no asterisk to 2020, and this year is the same way in Motocross. Last year we couldn't go to Washugo.

[00:17:28.830] - Davey Coombs

We couldn't go to High Point, which is my backyard because I'm talking to you guys from Morgantown, West Virginia and Dale. You know, this High Point is 3 miles up the road, but it's on the other side of the state line, and West Virginia is in a much different situation than Pennsylvania. As far as how every state was doing its own different thing. Last year, we were only able to have nine events, including double headers at Loretta Lynn's, double header at Redbud, and we were able to just get under the wire.

[00:17:57.450] - Davey Coombs

We were much more optimistic this year, and we had a really good series going on both classes. As far as the racing many different winners. It wasn't like Ricky Carmichael is out there, and it was a preordained conclusion who was going to win? I mean, it was every mode. It was exciting, and we just didn't want to get hit with that out of the blue strike of lightning or all of a sudden, there's a breakout in the pits or all of a sudden, one of the top riders get sick.

[00:18:29.130] - Davey Coombs

Believe me, we had several riders have to pull out a time or two when they tested positive, no different than what you're seeing right now in the NFL or the NBA or really any other sport. That sense of relief was like, Man, we made it under the wire two years in a row, and when this thing is done and we can really get back to just being really creative and really focus on the product itself and not the very survival of the series. And I think we're in for some really good years of racing because believe me, we went from the safe to race task force to the rider and racer retention task force because the motorcycle industry and I hate to use this term, but if there's a silver lining to 2000 and 22,021, it is that it turned things around in motorcycle dealerships at local race tracks in the BMX and Ebike and mountain bike industries, and certainly for Motocross in general, the lessons that we learned and the ways that we learn to roll our sleeves up and get creative and think outside the box.

[00:19:37.710] - Davey Coombs

I think that's going to serve us moving forward, not just motor cross, but Arena Cross, Supercross GNCC, everything that we're involved in.

[00:19:47.250] - Dave Sulecki

Yes, and I couldn't agree more. And it's good to see. And honestly, with that in mind, kind of take a step back with a guy like you who's got his hand on the pulse or his finger on the pulse of the industry and the sport. Where do you see it headed next, we see a lot of activity with Ebike. You mentioned the Stasic, Where's the next generation coming from. How do you see that developing right there?

[00:20:09.630] - Davey Coombs

The answer is in the question, the gentleman who came up with the Stasik, Ryan Ragland or whatever his name is. Man, there's a place in the hall of Fame for him for what he brought to the table, which was an inexpensive, easily accessible, quiet techy form of motorcycling that people don't like motorcycles might not even look at it as a motorcycle. Some of the best commercials I've ever seen in our sport is when you see the Christian Craig's kids and Travis Pastrana's kids and Chad Reed's kids all out on Stasis, and you know that they're not sponsored.

[00:20:47.070] - Davey Coombs

Those are parents that bought Stasics. That's been a shot in the arm. The Ebike thing is another wildly unexpected thing. I didn't realize how well when I say Ebike, by the way, I'm not talking about electric motorcycles. That's coming. I promise you that's coming. But the Emountain bikes and those things have proliferated at the races, whether it's GNCC or pro motocross or motor cross. And I think that also serves as a bridge, but not a bridge to little kids who want to race. But their mom or dad doesn't know how to tighten a chain or tear down an engine.

[00:21:26.370] - Davey Coombs

They can go ride those bikes in the park, and no one's going to blink because they don't have the stigma of noise and combustible engines and all the things that might shut you out of a local park or forest or whatever with Emount bikes, they're coming from a different place. There are people who may have always been interested in motorcycling, but only road bicycles, and now they get a little taste of that throttle and that assisted power or whatever you want to call it. And they're coming out in droves as well.

[00:21:55.530] - Davey Coombs

So I think those are two things that make me optimistic. The other thing, and this is probably a much deeper or more business oriented answer is that the motorcycle dealerships and Dale, you would know about this probably even more so than I. They all stabilized. They touched rock bottom, probably in 2018 and 2019, 1st part of 2020, and things started to really turn around. And I have friends who have worked in the industry since 2012. And the kid works at one of the clothing companies. Now he goes, this is the first time I've ever been part of a boom.

[00:22:33.390] - Davey Coombs

It's always just been gradually going down, going down, going down. And now all of a sudden we can't keep product on the shelves. We're getting calls from all over the world. It's just a wonderful time. And I think that we all are so grateful for having this sort of optimism back to that silver lining that everyone I think is going to work together in ways that weren't happening the last couple of decades. I think you'll see a lot of people working together, whether it's indoors and outdoors or this Association or that series.

[00:23:07.290] - Davey Coombs

It already started before the pandemic. But now I think that we all see collectively that rise and tide. All the ships will go up a little as long as we don't start doing stupid things. And I think everyone is guardedly optimistic, a very high price to pay with what happened to the world the last 18 months. But now that we're coming out of it, let's come out of it on the gas. Yes.

[00:23:37.050] - Dale Spangler

I think that's some great points you make Davy about. I mean, it's pretty easy to just look at the negatives as a result of COVID. But for us in power sports, as you mentioned, obviously, dealers are blowing up to where dealers can't even keep products in stock, whether it's new models or aftermarket accessories. But to kind of go back, one thing I really honed in on that, I seem to gather from what you're saying is there's been a lot of positives, especially on the creative side. There's been a lot of creativity come out of this situation to where it's kind of putting it in a situation where you have to be nimble on your feet and be able to react.

[00:24:13.650] - Dale Spangler

And so I think it's interesting to see how like you're saying, everybody's working together more. There's more creativity. There's definitely some positives that came out of this period, too.

[00:24:24.450] - Davey Coombs

Yeah. And I agree. And whether you're promoting a race or getting ready to start a website or you want to do your own brand of T shirts or whatever, because we spent so much time indoors and learning new tools because we had to talking on a Zoom. I thought Zoom was like a kids TV show. Until about 19 months ago, I had no idea that we would be conducting so much of our lives over digital conference calls. And the world may have been in trouble, but it was not going to stop spinning, and we all had to keep working and fight hard to keep our jobs and fight through layoffs and lack of crowds.

[00:25:11.850] - Davey Coombs

And it's one of those things where I guess you're forged by the fire that you're in, and this was such a unique but absolutely omnipresent fire. We were all in it together, but I think that we're all coming out of it together now, at least in the motorcycle industry. And I really feel that like I said, that behooves as well moving forward. But we should not try to reinvent the wheel because no one tried to reinvent the wheel in the spring of 2020. We just tried to keep the wheels on moving and turning, and we're still there, but it's gotten a lot easier.

[00:25:52.950] - Davey Coombs

I think we've got part in another pun, but we've got their cliche. We've got the wind at our sales. That's a sailing cliche, right?

[00:26:02.310] - Dave Sulecki

Yeah, I think it is. And that definitely fits. But I think the take away word is adaptable, and I think anybody who isn't adapting is going to suffer, and the ones that have been successful. And I think with that in mind, I guess my next question is a guide your level in the sport, and you've got a lot of peers in event management in all sorts of motorsports. Do you get opportunities to meet and talk with the Wayne Rainey of the world, the loongos of the world?

[00:26:32.490] - Dave Sulecki

You guys compare notes and come up with creative new ways to share and grow the sports together?

[00:26:39.570] - Davey Coombs

That's also a good question. And the timing is interesting because there was a time when we looked at folks like Youth Stream or what's called in front now as a real threat and competitor. And they kind of work. But after a few false starts here and there and they decided, you know what we understand that the situation in America is different and complicated because of the presence of Supercross, because of the focus of the OEMs, and our guys just didn't want to do more than X amount of races.

[00:27:15.330] - Davey Coombs

And instead of trying to do three or four usgp's, they got down to, well, we'll just maybe every now and then try one and try to get the designations in America every three or four years. But we want you to help. And we've never been asked to help. This was a couple of years before the COVID thing hit on the Eve of Kova. And I mean, quite literally at Daytona. We also had a meeting with Sold Motorsports, and we found that the detonate that we had with in Front and MXGP in Europe, which allowed us to assist them and them to assist us and kind of root each other on.

[00:27:51.930] - Davey Coombs

And instead of fighting over the same small thing, think about making it better for everyone. We had that same conversation with Salt with Todd Gendro and Dave Prader. They were incredibly open to sort of the same thing, like instead of worrying about dates and this and that whatever. Let's just settle with what we got and improve it and work together. That was probably lucky or serendipitous that these things all came together before the proverbial shit hit the fan. But it placed us to a point where, like, hey, what are you guys going to do?

[00:28:30.270] - Davey Coombs

How can we help? Hey, we need this. Can you help us here? Can we do that? And now the landscape is changing back to where we were in 2019 as far as the global situation. But the Motocross situation has never been in, I believe, a more settled cooperative phase because we all had to adapt together. We just happened to already have gotten on the carousel, grabbed our seats and started having that conversation about how we can make things better. And I think the fruit of it is to see how good I believe that LucasFil promoter Cross was this year.

[00:29:10.650] - Davey Coombs

How amazing the MXGP series is. It's literally going down to a winner take all final. And I think that we're in for the biggest year ever for Supercross because I got to give the folks that fell credit. They've had a series for two years with limited spectators, and it's been very difficult. And I guarantee you they've lost money, but they continue because they want to keep the integrity of the series, the heritage of the Championship, and make sure that they're there and ready to go when things really get back to normal for enclosed stadiums.

[00:29:46.290] - Davey Coombs

And if you look at a football game right now. It looks pretty good for January. I think the Supercars, like I said, is going to be back bigger than ever and we couldn't be happier for them. And we're more than willing to help them tell their story and it's going to be a successful one.

[00:30:02.310] - Dale Spangler

Hey, Davy. So here you are, 20 plus years in later after starting Race Rex Illustrated magazine. I remember the days when it was just a newspaper starting out while magazine is still going, you've seen magazines come and go, what's it been like having that magazine for this long? And how much have you seen the media landscape change in those years?

[00:30:25.890] - Davey Coombs

There's not enough room on the Internet to describe how much the media business has changed. And I appreciate that. We got really lucky. Even before we made it a magazine in, we decided to check out this idea of a website, and when the whole thing began to flip in the middles or whatever, where people started to use their phones and the World Wide Web became much more accessible to everyone, people started to consume their media differently. We knew we had to keep trying to ride whatever wave came along next, whether it was YouTube or social media or streaming.

[00:31:14.370] - Davey Coombs

But the whole time the magazine stayed there and we'd always decided that the magazine was the flagship of sort of what we were doing with media. But now it's honestly become like a legacy piece. I don't know that we have a lot of readers twelve and under. Just as I don't think a lot of kids watch television anymore, as we knew it, I always make the example or bring up the example that my son Vance is 19 and my daughter Sloan is 14, and I don't think in their collective lives they've ever watched a weekly show at 09:00 p.m. On a Thursday because it comes on at 09:00 p.m. On a Thursday.

[00:31:54.810] - Davey Coombs

They watch it on their own. They watch it in their phones, they watch it when they want. They watch it with their friends. That's a huge change in how kids and people in general consume media. But the one thing they do still like to watch live and immediately is sports. So we're in a good position as far as people wanting to still get their content, whether it's on linear TV or streaming as far as Motocross goes. But as far as the magazine, the hardest part is finding new stands anymore.

[00:32:27.270] - Davey Coombs

A new stand feels like trying to find a pay phone in the city. They used to be everywhere, but we were lucky that we have different ways of distribution, the way we do our subscriptions, the way we work with dealerships, race tracks and everything. There may not be a lot of news stands out there anymore, but we're still getting the magazines out to everyone, and it's still humming along and very proudly.

[00:32:51.030] - Dave Sulecki

So we're very happy to see it. That's definitely the one we look forward to every month and just shifting gears one last time. David, I know one of your hobbies. We see it on social media sign. Jousting, we talked about it a little bit before we went on air and just want to get your take on that subject. I know you're a big fan of, I guess I'd call it Americana and just some of the old signage that you see that you collected pictures.

[00:33:16.890] - Davey Coombs

Well, it's really funny to bring that up.

[00:33:18.870] - Dave Sulecki


[00:33:20.730] - Davey Coombs

I was talking this weekend as I was driving over to Honda Hills with my mom and my friend Roy Jansson, who's worked with us forever. Dale, you'll remember this? Honda Hills was a grand old track about halfway through the middle of the state of Ohio, right along Interstate 70. It was holding major events in the 70s. Then it went away. Then it came back, then it went away. You never knew. Then it was abandoned. But the one thing that was always there was the Honda Hills sign, and you can see it through the trees at mile marker 139.

[00:33:56.250] - Davey Coombs

You had to know where to look and it sort of became like any time I'd be going to like the Indianapolis Supercross or Red Bud or to the AMA in Ohio, I would look and see if that sign was still there. I really think that kind of became the muse, so to speak, for my passion for old signs, because I figured as long as that sign was holding on Honda Hill still had a chance to come back and Lo and behold this weekend, it did. And, Dale, when you come back home, you'll love getting back out there.

[00:34:26.970] - Davey Coombs

But whenever I started my family and I was traveling and doing stuff for ESPN and all that, I just started looking at old signs and taking pictures and sending them my kids to say, hey, this is what I saw today. It was a way to tie road trips together. And then Instagram came along and there was a way to share them without having to go buy film or anything. And here I am. Even when I went to Honda Hills for their grand reopening, I took a few old cuts on Route 40 to see an old neon sign, make sure it was still there.

[00:35:04.230] - Davey Coombs

Take some photos. It's like a scavenger Hunt. Instead of just driving down the interstate and hanging out in the hotel room, I take the roads less traveled and piece my trips together as if it were a scavenger Hunt.

[00:35:19.710] - Dave Sulecki

In a way, it creates those memories, too. Just like a photo album, I guess. Would you go back and look at and go? I remember seeing that when I went by there. That's pretty cool.

[00:35:27.570] - Davey Coombs

Yeah. It's a photo album without all the work. Yeah, there you go.

[00:35:31.290] - Dave Sulecki

And it's posted on the Internet so we can all check it out. Honestly, David, we could talk for hours with you. I know you're a busy guy and we won't take up any more of your time. And first of all, we wanted to thank you for spending time with us today and most of all, just me. Personally, I want to thank you for carrying the torch for just promotion and amateur motocross in the States. You and your family and your team have really done just so much for the sport and we appreciate it.

[00:35:55.590] - Dave Sulecki

And I hope you realize what that contribution means. If you want to take the last few moments to thank anybody or mention where to find you or your companies on the web or social media, now would be the time to do it.

[00:36:08.910] - Davey Coombs

There's www. Dot Racer Xonline for coverage of every race and every sport. As far as dirt bikes go, mostly Motor Cross and Supercross. Of course. Then we have promotercross Dot. Com for the Twelve Race LucasFil Promoter Cross Series, and then we have Loretta Lynn MX. No, wait, that's the social media. Then we have Mxsports. Com for Loretta Lynn and then all the social medias. It's not real difficult at Promoter Cross at Race Rex online at Lorettalin MX. And if you're just a sign dork and like old neon things and abandoned structures, my personal Instagram is DC Racer X, and I sure appreciate the kind words I knew number 162 there next to you since he was Team Green kid.

[00:37:04.350] - Davey Coombs

Actually, didn't you start on a Yzdale?

[00:37:06.510] - Dale Spangler

Yes. Started on a YZ 80?

[00:37:08.130] - Davey Coombs

Yeah, forever. And I'm so lucky. I think anyone in this industry is so lucky that you get to work with the friends that you grew up dreaming and racing with. And when you race dirt bikes, if you're a motorcycle enthusiast, there's always a home for you. There's always a place to go at a local race or get on a bike and put on a helmet or go visit this website or that Facebook group and dirt bikes are such a big part of our lives that when you have a job in the industry, it makes it really easy to get up in the morning and go to work because there is no better job.

[00:37:46.350] - Davey Coombs

It doesn't pay as well as I think we'd all wish, but it's a lot better than mine and coal. And I live in West Virginia, so I know exactly what that means. There you go.

[00:37:57.750] - Dave Sulecki

We always say it's the industry we love, but it doesn't always love us back. Davy, thanks again. We appreciate you coming out today, man.

[00:38:03.990] - Davey Coombs

Appreciate it. Thank you.

[00:38:22.310] - Dave Sulecki

Thank you again to our guests for being with us today and thank you for tuning in. If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to follow us on your favorite podcast apps so you never miss an episode. If you have a moment, please rate and review us. We really appreciate it. Make sure you're also following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and visit where you can check out our blog.

[00:38:43.490] - Dale Spangler

This has been a production of Evergreen Podcasts. A special thank you to Tommy Boy Halverson, Chris Bishop, producer Leah Longbrake and audio engineers Sean Rule-Hoffman and Eric Koltnow. I'm Dave Sulecki and I'm Dale Spangler. See you next week.

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