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Mark Atkins

This week host Dave Sulecki talks to Harley-Davidson Hooligan rider Mark Atkins, who is also the face behind Rusty Butcher, a clothing and leather goods brand.

Mark started riding motocross at 3 yrs old, racing at 4 and it was only a matter of time before his obsession with Harley's and love for jumping anything collided.

Combining his brand and love for riding, and you have a truly unique individual that is leading the innovation in free riding and dirt track racing on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.

Mark tells us why he supports other local businesses and craftsmen, how he's "Making Sportsters Great Again" and why he has pet goats.

Follow Mark on Instagram at markthebutcher and RustyButcher!

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The Team

Dave Sulecki

Dave Sulecki is a 37 year industry veteran, and a lifetime motorcycle rider, racer, builder, restorer, and enthusiast.

P.J. Doran

Originally from the Midwest, but has lived and worked everywhere in the U.S., PJ grew up on the back of his dad's BMW motorcycles and in his sidecars in the 70s.

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