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MotoAmerica Twins Cup Racer - Anthony Mazziotto

Dale and Dave review the week and then talk with Anthony Mazziotto, a MotoAmerica Twins Cup Racer. Anthony talks about his first full year of racing since 2018, an upcoming title fight with Blake Davis, and his "side hustle" as a barber.

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[00:00:15.430] - Dave Sulecki
Welcome to Pit Pass Moto, the show that keeps you up to speed on the latest in motorcycling and brings
the biggest names in the motorcycle industry right to you. I'm Dave Sulecki.

[00:00:24.770] - Dale Spangler
And I'm Dale Spangler. And this week's, our guest is moto America twins cup racer Anthony Mazziotto.
This week's episode is brought to you by our sponsor, Moto America. Moto America is an official sponsor
of Pit Pass Moto. The 2022 Moto America season has only one action packed round remaining. Who will
we crown the 2022 Superbike Champion? Jake Gagne or Danilo Petrucci? Find out at the final round
showdown September 23 through the 25th at Barber Motorsports Park outside Birmingham, Alabama.
Get your tickets now at or watch practice, qualifying and races on the Moto America
live, plus video on demand streaming service. Get your tickets and reserve a camping spot at And be sure to follow Moto America on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. So how was
your weekend, Dave? Not much going on for me here in Boise. Ball is always my favorite time of the year.
Amazing riding, ball colors, finally getting a break from the massive heat wave we had here in Idaho. We
had over 25 days in triple digits this year, so super stoked to be back riding and some nice cool weather.
And we got some great stuff coming up this weekend, though, so looking forward to that.

[00:01:51.440] - Dale Spangler
But yeah, what would you get up to this past weekend?

[00:01:54.210] - Dave Sulecki
Yeah, a lot of bike projects going on, so as the weather gets colder, definitely love riding in that kind of
fall weather and the trees start to turn, which is what's going on in Ohio. We've really had just a great
riding season all around, so no complaints there. But I tell you, we're on the doorstep of two major Moto
events this weekend. You've got the Motocross of nations going on at Redbud, and you've got the Moto
America final down at Barber. I mean, it's pretty cool. And at Barber, I know they've got about five classes
up for grabs out of the seven. We know the King of the Baggers was decided with Tyler O'Hara, and it's
going to be interesting to see who can pull off that super bike series.

[00:02:36.670] - Dale Spangler
Like you said, two kind of marquee events going on. Motocross of nations back in the United States at
Redbud in Michigan. I got to say, Team USA is looking pretty good this year. I think we have a really good
chance of finally taking the win again after quite a few years. I also noticed online there was our buddy
Rob Bydos was talking about the Pit Bike of nations, which I think on Saturday night is probably going to
be as much fun, if not more than the actual race the next day on Sunday. So I wish I could be there. Not
sure if you're going, Dave, because you're not too far away, but I imagine at this point in the game, it's
probably a little too late to even think about going up there. It'll be crowded, though.

[00:03:17.560] - Dave Sulecki
Yeah, it always is. It's a great draw for, I guess, the Midwest. Get a lot of locals that go up there and I
know somebody from our office will be up there this weekend, along with some relatives and friends. But,
yeah, I do like our chances. We've got a strong team this year. Glad to see Toma out there. Justin Cooper
on the 250 and Sexton, obviously, on the 452.

[00:03:38.770] - Dale Spangler
Any predictions?

[00:03:40.530] - Dave Sulecki
I really like USA and I'm not trying to be a homey on this, but I really like our chances when I look at the
strength of the other teams, Netherlands looks good, possibly Italy, who won last year, obviously. And I
think Great Britain is a strong looking team. So really I like our chances. I think we've got man for man
about most of the classes covered, but it's the motocross of nations. Anything can happen, you know that.
And it's looking like it's going to be some good weather, so that's going to maybe not be a factor where it
was back in 2018 at Red Bud when they had a mud bath. And I'm looking forward to it. It's definitely one
of my favorite events of the year that I look forward to because it is the Olympics of Motocross. You got
your best riders from every country going head to head all on the same day, so definitely look forward to

[00:04:31.600] - Dale Spangler
Definitely. There's so many good teams this year, too. I just feel like it's hard to even really kind of pick a
top three. Obviously, I picked Team USA to win, but as far as my second and third, my kind of take after
just looking at all the teams this morning was I'd say Team Francis? Definitely always a player. They got
Moose Kan Maximau and Dylan Fernandez. That's a pretty strong team. And then, of course, team
Australia. We've got the Lawrence brothers and Mitch Evans, who when he's on form, he can be as fast
as anybody. So I was putting those in my top three and then my wild card, who I think could surprise a lot
of people is Team Spain jorge Prado, Ruben Fernandez and Guillaume Perez, who we've seen race in
the US and have really good top ten results in 250. So I think they're going to be kind of a sleeper team
for potentially getting on the podium even.

[00:05:20.170] - Dave Sulecki
Good call in Spain. I'm looking forward to seeing Pratto right here. He is supposed to come to the US in
2023, so it'd be cool to see the man go. But with Team France, that could be a bit difficult because I think
Fernandes is injured, so the rumor is he probably won't ride and I haven't really read who the fill in rider is,
so that may bump France down the pecking order a little bit, but it's going to be a show and it always is.
And like I said at the beginning, I like our chances and we'll see this Saturday.

[00:05:51.220] - Dale Spangler
Yes. And of course, like we were talking about Moto America final this weekend, the Superbike
showdown between Danilo Petrucci and Jake Ganye. So that's going to be a pretty good down to the wire
race. And then of course, our guest that's coming on here today, anthony Maziato and Melissa Paris's
rider Blake Davis are going to battle it down to the wire in the Twins Cop class. So I think, like you said,
there's definitely some championships on the line. I also saw some pretty cool breaking news here
recently speaking of Moto America, where Cameron? Bobier has decided to leave Grand Prix Racing and
part ways with American Racing at the end of 2022. And he's going to return to Moto America
Superbikes. So that series is going to get even stronger next year. And then I think one of the other cool
American updates I saw was Garrett Gerloff will be joining the Bonobo action BMW team for his fourth
season in World Super Bike. So definitely some cool stuff going on with American riders. But I thought it
was interesting to see that Bobby is going to be coming back to the US next year.

[00:06:49.940] - Dave Sulecki
Yeah, how about that? When he was here, he dominated with Yamaha. I mean, he was basically like
what Ganya is doing. So could you imagine those two head to head in that class and maybe throw in
Patrick? That Superbike class is going to just be epic next year if Bobie can get a ride, which I have my
personal predictions, I think a team like West Be Racing could pick them up, which would keep them on
Yamaha, which is a known element for him. And it will be action packed, no doubt, and definitely fun to
watch. And Moto America is really just really throwing it out there. These last couple of seasons have
been highly competitive. The racing has been very compelling and very action packed. With everything
they've done with Baggers and all the way down to Junior Cup, it's just been competitive and fun and
always action packed.

[00:07:37.650] - Dale Spangler
I totally agree. Yeah, it's been a great season. I've fully gotten into it this year after not really following it
for a few years. And so I really enjoyed getting to know the racers and just the whole series. And they just
do such a great job and it's only going to get better. So we got two fun races to watch this weekend,
barber and Motocross of the Nation. So be flipping back and forth watching those this weekend. And I'm
sure we'll have some news for you all next weekend.

[00:08:03.610] - Dave Sulecki
Yeah, let's hope so. And let's hope for good weather because Barbara, last year was a wet and rainy one
and the last time they had moved across the nation in the US. It was a wet and rainy one. So maybe we'll
have two dry races and really fun events. Look forward to it.

[00:08:19.780] - Dale Spangler

Definitely. Well, I guess that bot wraps it up for this week's news. And now onto our interview with
Anthony Matsiato. We'd like to welcome twins cup moto America racer. The number 516, Anthony
Maziato. Anthony. Welcome to Pit. Pas moto. How are you today?

[00:08:43.420] - Anthony Mazziotto
I'm good. Thank you guys for having me. Pleasure to be on.

[00:08:46.260] - Dale Spangler
Thank you. Well, it all comes down to this weekend between you and Blake Davis in the title fight for the
Twins Cup Championship. You got to be excited about this weekend's challenge. Tell us about where
you're at right now coming into this weekend.

[00:09:00.670] - Anthony Mazziotto
Well, it seems to be all the pressures off me. I got a couple of points to make up, so I'm just going to go
out there and ride my best race and see if we can't make it happen. Right now, I think we're trailing 15
points, so there really is nothing other for me to do than to go out and win and just try and put as many
positions on top of Blake and Jodi as possible.

[00:09:18.270] - Dale Spangler
Yeah, like you said, you really don't have anything to lose. Just go out there and do your job and hopefully
win the race and maybe the championship. You'll find out. I also noticed that at New Jersey, you jumped
into the Stock 1000 class in your, quote, first big bike race and finished 7th. So tell us about that, and you
got to be stoked about that. And any thoughts on maybe riding that class in 2023?

[00:09:42.380] - Anthony Mazziotto
Yes, I've been speaking with a couple of people that have been helping me with my career for a long
time, and it's always been like, a dream of mine to ride the big bike class and be at the top level of our
little sport. But, yeah, I wanted to try it out. I don't really have a lot of big life experience. I've written a
couple of track days, and nothing crazy. Like, I've never tried to go really fast on it. So that was my first
grill weekend trying to go really fast on the big bike, and I was pretty pleased with my progress. My goal
goal that weekend was to go faster than I had gone on the 600, and I was able to beat my 600 personal
best around Jersey, so I was pretty thrilled with that.

[00:10:19.260] - Dave Sulecki
So, Anthony, I know this is your first full season on April. It's a new platform to the Twins Cup class over
the last two years, but it seems like they've really worked out the bugs and got that thing dialed in. I mean,
what is it that you like the most about that 660 over past bikes you've ridden?

[00:10:38.000] - Anthony Mazziotto
So I haven't ridden the Yamaha, but right away when I jumped on the 660, I thought I had a really good
platform that handled really well compared to the usual 600 and street bikes that I was racing in the past
and Super Sport, I found the bike was pretty rigid and it handled like, pretty good. So I was able to push
on it really hard and really make the Dunlop tires work. And then things had really great grip and I think it
was a pretty good combination. And that bike was definitely, I think, last year a killer for that class and this
year Yamaha stepped it up a little bit and they're definitely putting the fight to us. But I think there are two
pretty competitive bikes for that class and I think that's how it's going to be for a little while. Going on for
twinscope future.

[00:11:19.000] - Dave Sulecki
Yeah, it's kind of interesting to see that Yamaha kind of come on late this season with Blake. And I got to
wonder, I mean, it seems like Yamaha has invested some into that bike and they're doing maybe a little
bit more. I think they're allowed to do a little bit more than you can do the April.

[00:11:34.180] - Anthony Mazziotto
Yeah, I'm not too sure how that went down, but it did seem about halfway through the year, Gamaha
started getting some really good results. So I think they probably put some time and effort into this
program halfway through the year. They weren't just going to let a trillion snag it from them, you know
what I mean?

[00:11:49.480] - Dale Spangler
Did I also see where you also just signed a new partnership or Rodeo Racing to sign a new partnership
with Robin Engineering for the rest of 2022 seasons? So tell us about what's going on there and that's
something you kind of did mid season as a decision to try and win that title.

[00:12:04.750] - Anthony Mazziotto
Yes, there was a little falling out between the two sponsors that were helping me throughout the year. So
Rodeo had just split off from HSBK and then Robin pretty much jumped in and helped fill that spot, that
void that we had there. And they put us a bike together for the last two rounds for me to go and get a Hell
on it. So I can't thank Matt enough for building me a motorcycle this late in the season unexpectedly. Like,
that definitely huge for him to be able to do that for us.

[00:12:32.540] - Dale Spangler
Yes, you have definitely an interesting career path I was looking at. So you finished fifth last year in the
Twins Cup class and that was after starting halfway through the season as a fill in rider. So this year is

your first full year of racing since 2018. So how did all this come about with you landing that ride last
year? And are we going to see a full time going forward? 2023 and beyond?

[00:12:58.510] - Anthony Mazziotto
I took a little break from racing. It was me and my family doing it primarily before when I was younger. So
once I graduated out of high school, they were pretty much trying to make me figure out how to keep my
career going like any parent would. They want to have their kids thrive and succeed without them helping
them out their whole entire life. So it took me a little while to figure that out though. I kind of went and
started cutting hair for a little bit, just riding my dirt bike and doing normal stuff, living a normal life. But
then I had gotten the chance to ride Dominic Rose bike at birth. He had broken his wrist in Atlanta in 2021
and I did pretty decent after not riding a road race bike for three years. I'm not sure exactly what position it
was, but it's two top tens and not too far off the lead guys and beat a couple of the fast guys for not riding
for a while. And after that, I guess there was a team below check, was looking to put somebody on a bike
to test this really out for another rider on their team, and I got the call up to do that, so that was really

[00:13:55.600] - Anthony Mazziotto
And I did well enough on that bike that they decided to keep me for the rest of the year.

[00:13:59.750] - Dave Sulecki
So you touched on this and it was actually going to be one of my questions to you, Anthony. One of your
hidden talents or skills is the fact that you are a barber. Yeah, it's really interesting. Is that something you
do full time on the side?

[00:14:14.890] - Anthony Mazziotto
I was doing it full time. I was doing it full time for two, three years I wasn't racing, and then I started racing
again. And when I was traveling, my boss was getting on top of me about being at work because I was
traveling a lot throughout the year and just the racing started picking up heavy and I couldn't have a full
time job anymore. So it was a mutual agreement between me and them guys. And then I just started
cutting here at my house. Now I have a couple of friends, a couple of clients, small group of people that I
cut in my house every couple of weeks.

[00:14:46.370] - Dave Sulecki
Any chance you bring the equipment to the racetrack on the weekends?

[00:14:49.950] - Anthony Mazziotto

I usually bring my stuff to New Jersey because it's the close round and I try to plan something out to
where I could cut some people throughout the weekend. But this year between doing the stock balls and
the twin stuff, it was just a lot of my plate and I had a lot of riding going on and I didn't have as much free
time as I thought in some haircuts, so I didn't actually get to cut anyone out last weekend.

[00:15:09.520] - Dave Sulecki
I got you. It's still pretty cool though, man, that's a great side story. But I wanted to talk to you about early
on in the season, actually the very start of the season, you've got probably one of the more watched
videos on YouTube, which is when you got pulled up against the wall at Daytona I wanted to kind of ask
you what went down in that situation. I understand that you've had about four or five bikes in front of you.
There might have been a funny draft that kind of pulled you up against the wall. I remember the picture of
your leathers where you were all scraped up, and it was an old shit moment like I've never seen before in
my life. I mean, you had to be just thankful that you pulled out of that okay.

[00:15:45.570] - Anthony Mazziotto
Yeah, for sure. Every time I go to the racetrack nowadays, that's like the first thing people call and say to
me. They're like, pretty obeyed by that. But yeah, it was pretty scary at the time. On the bike I was behind,
I think I was in fifth place, and everyone was drafting each other on the bank of Daytona, and I had never
been there before. This is my first time actually being at Daytona. So with the way North America works,
you get practice qualifying, another qualifying, and then you go right in the racing. So this will be my first
time in the pack of riders on the banks, and I was pretty unfamiliar with how deep into the banking I was
and when it was going to flatten out. But I had gotten a really good draft of the two bikes in front of me,
and I pulled out to the right to go around the outside, and there was another bike on the right. So I caught
a draft off him, too. And then the bank started flattening out, and when I was turning, I just could not turn
enough. I was just going straight towards that wall.

[00:16:41.930] - Anthony Mazziotto
I caught a funny pocket of air from the bikes in front of me that were pushing the air in a little pocket.
Pretty much the guy in front of me was all the way up against the wall and then the two riders a little bit
down below. So I just hit this blank space of air and I started floating right into that thing.

[00:16:57.280] - Dale Spangler
It certainly sounds like one of those lifetime sketchy moments that you'll remember forever, but would
probably like to forget more than anything.

[00:17:05.890] - Anthony Mazziotto
Yeah, and it all happens so slow, too. I know everyone talks about when they have these crazy crash
moments and everything, and they just see everything happening in slow motion. It really does work like

that. I remember right before I ran into the wall, I shut my eyes for a second and then I bounced off it and
I didn't feel the ground yet, so I opened them back up and I was looking at the tops of everyone's helmets,
and that's not usually a site that I usually get to see come a short guy. So that was definitely a different
perspective, I bet.

[00:17:33.370] - Dale Spangler
So you grew up in Hamilton, New Jersey, which has the self proclaimed title of Blueberry Capital of the
World, and it's also in the heart of the Pine Barrens region. So tell me about growing up there and how
you got into riding dirt bikes. I think that's what I saw. You started maybe at age four, riding dirt bikes?

[00:17:53.030] - Anthony Mazziotto
Yes. I live in Hamilton. I moved here, I was pretty young. My first time riding a dirt bike was here in
Hamilton. So they had this little private track near my house. It's not there any longer. It's called
chatsworth. MX park. My dad grew up taking me there on the Cr 50 and stuff when we were younger. And
then we started doing a little bit of, like, hair scramble racing and some Murder cross stuff up to the 65
CCS. And then my dad actually built the two bridges in the tower at NJMP. And when they were doing the
construction for that, he had seen the track and everything and he asked me if we wanted to try out that
stuff. So I decided to give it a go. And I haven't really touched too many dirt bikes instead.

[00:18:33.440] - Dale Spangler
Yes, I think I saw too. Did you break your femur riding motocross? And I would imagine that put a
dampener on your motocross training.

[00:18:41.470] - Anthony Mazziotto
Yeah, this is after I stopped this is 2019. I broke my femur. That was after I stopped racing. And I was just
trying to do a little bit of riding on the side without spending too much money. So I had a bit of bike and I
would take it to various tracks here and there on the weekends and just some pits and jumps with some
friends and jump and have a good day. Yeah.

[00:19:02.160] - Dale Spangler
That is not a fun bone to break in your body.

[00:19:05.200] - Anthony Mazziotto
Yes, I had a rough time with it too. I had to have a couple of surgeries on it because I had a couple of
nonunions and then I had screws unscrewing themselves inside and I had a nightmare with that. That
was a really long process way. Probably about double amount of time for at the yield that it's supposed to.
So definitely not a fun time.

[00:19:24.260] - Dale Spangler
Definitely not. So what is your training regimen look like these days? Do you ride, like, more super moto,
the mini bikes? What's your kind of preferred method of training for road racing?

[00:19:36.570] - Anthony Mazziotto
Definitely a little bit of super moto. Not too much because I don't have a super moto. I ride my 390 at my
KPM 390. I rode back in the day with the Junior Cup class, which was the 390 class back in the day. So
that's the bike I usually take to the car tracks to ride. I prefer really to go out and do track days or any kind
of club race and stuff where I can actually go out and ride the big tracks on my big bike. I have a
Kawasaki ZX Six that was gifted to me in someone's will. That was really helpful in my career when I was
younger, so that was really cool to have that passed down to me. And now I have that thing that I take to
track pace, pretty much that's the main form of training that I like to do is go and actually ride the bike
because there really isn't anything better than that because that's what you're training for.

[00:20:21.170] - Dave Sulecki
And it seems like the area that you grew up racing and just in general, that New Jersey area, eastern
Pennsylvania, a lot of fast riders came out of that area, including yourself, Brandon Posh and Kayla
Yacov. Just a treasure trove of fast racers. Is that from coming up in that New Jersey racing environment
or is it the mini GPS that you raised where everybody kind of came up through that program together?

[00:20:45.250] - Anthony Mazziotto
Yes, I think there is a real good group of us that we had all started out at the same time with Njmin, and
we were all just there to push each other and get faster and learn from each other throughout all of our
career, pretty much from the time we started. So I can remember riding with Brandon even before we
were doing the road race stuff, when we were doing the motorcross stuff, like at Raceway park, English
town, we used to race 50s against each other. So it's been a long time. Me and Brandon have been riding
with each other and we've just continued to help grow each other throughout our careers.

[00:21:16.750] - Dave Sulecki
Definitely fast company. And Brandon, he had a pretty good run at Daytona. I can tell because he's got
both his wrists covered now.

[00:21:26.170] - Anthony Mazziotto
Yeah, like the Miss Scott Russell down there.

[00:21:28.340] - Dave Sulecki
Yeah, exactly. You can call him Mr. Daytona from New Jersey. Just thinking about that crew, though,
who's been the toughest competitor that you're up against and you run into regularly and are always
battling with? Is there one particular rider or no from our group.

[00:21:43.960] - Anthony Mazziotto
When we were growing up, Brandon was always my number one competitor. Me and him used to always
be bad on for the number one spot between our little age group and then there's another group right
behind us that's a little younger with like dust rodeo, LaMadre, Spencer Humphreys and all them kids.
They're coming through the same kind of deal me and Brandon did. They're just a little bit younger, so
they're coming through a little bit later through the ranks, but they're going to be right where we are.

[00:22:07.630] - Dale Spangler
So I saw one of your social posts. I thought it really stood out. To me, it's just a cool quote. It said, be
somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody. Is that kind of like a personal model for you or is it
just kind of like something where you just go about your life that way and just have fun and strive for
those feel good vibes?

[00:22:27.550] - Anthony Mazziotto
Yeah, I just try to make everyone feel like they have a part in something. I remember when I wasn't racing
motorcycles, and I was kind of just trying to find my way out there. It's hard trying to build a new career or
anything and anything without knowing people. So, yeah, I guess that's a pretty good model to live by.
And trying to make somebody always feel like somebody, even if they don't feel.

[00:22:51.060] - Dale Spangler
Like somebody back to that you said, like taking that a couple of years off, that had to be tough to come
back after. I believe it was almost a full two years that you didn't even raise. That also probably made you
kind of look at it a little differently when you did come back. I would assume that maybe appreciate a little
bit more coming back that second time.

[00:23:09.320] - Anthony Mazziotto
Yeah, for sure. It's definitely hard to put something like this together, especially as like a private here.
Takes a lot from everybody on all aspects that I didn't really think about when I was younger and how a
program like this goes together. So now that I'm trying to put programs like this together in the all season
and figure out how I'm going to make a next big step on my own, it definitely makes me really appreciate
what my parents did for me when I was younger and putting it all together for me and doing what they
could to get me to succeed.

[00:23:39.610] - Dale Spangler
Yeah, so I also noticed one of your social posts that I thought was awesome, too. You like to do wheelies
on your mini bike, and you said wheelies are good for Felies. Is that something that you like to get up to,
though, when you're not racing? It's just kind of playing around on the mini bikes. What else you like to do
for Hobbies? Like BMX, anything else like that?

[00:23:57.050] - Anthony Mazziotto
Yeah, definitely. Growing up, I did a lot of BMX stuff and just all sorts of nonsense, adrenaline junkie, but
definitely we always are my favorite. I think if I wasn't a road racer, I'd probably try my skills out and doing
some stunt and stuff because I really do enjoy doing wheelies. I'm not killer on the stoppings. I haven't
mastered doing the stoppies yet, but my wheelies are pretty good. I could do some Add, dragon wheelies,
wheelies coast and wheelies, all sorts of good stuff. So definitely enjoy doing those.

[00:24:27.910] - Dave Sulecki
So definitely for most racers, there's a team of people behind them to get them on the racetrack and that.
So who's the primary people in your program that you really look to for advice and guidance when you're
at the racetrack?

[00:24:42.530] - Anthony Mazziotto
There's a big group of them. There isn't just one main guy that helps our program out. Definitely
everybody's input helps us put this together. Rodeo racing, obviously, they took me in this year and
helped me out a ton by bringing all my stuff to the track and running a team that I could ride under the
tent. So that was really cool for him to take me. In this year, Robin, for helping us halfway through the
season. I got to thank Bobby as well for helping us throughout the beginning of the season. I know things
might not have turned out the way everybody wanted them to, but I still got to appreciate his help that he
did give me at the beginning of the season. Gee. Escape Solar. That's a guy local. He does some solar
stuff by me. He's been a big contribution to my program by helping me pay for tires. Ryan's Barber shop
guy out in California, another barber shop barber. He gives me some money for travel costs and stuff. So
there's a big giant group of people I think, that help me do what I'm doing. And I might not be able to
remember and name them all right now, but some guys really make it happen.

[00:25:48.740] - Anthony Mazziotto
So I got to thank them all.

[00:25:50.550] - Dave Sulecki

And definitely keeping your racing, which is the most important part. Where's the best place to find you on
social media or on the websites or on the Internet?

[00:25:58.910] - Anthony Mazziotto
I'm on Facebook. I don't really use it as much. I kind of just have it there to use the messenger and chat
every now and then stuff. But Instagram is usually my main spot that I'm more active on Instagram at
Anthony Auto.

[00:26:15.910] - Dave Sulecki
Oh, for sure. We appreciate you taking time to spend with us on Pit Pass Moto today and definitely in four
days. We're looking forward to seeing you down at Barbara, and we wish you the best of luck down there,

[00:26:26.800] - Anthony Mazziotto
No, thank you, guys. I really appreciate you having me on.

[00:26:29.550] - Dave Sulecki
Absolutely. And you're definitely welcome back anytime. Anthony, thanks for spending time with us, man.

[00:26:33.530] - Anthony Mazziotto
Thank you, guys.

[00:26:44.870] - Dave Sulecki
If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to follow Pit Pass Moto on your favorite podcast app so you never
miss an episode. If you have a moment, please rate and review us. We'd really appreciate it. You can
also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and visit, where you can check out
our blog, listen to past episodes, and purchase your own Pit Pass Moto swag.

[00:27:08.310] - Dale Spangler
This has been a production of Evergreen Podcasts. A special thank you to Tommy Boy Halverson and
the production team at Wessler Media. I'm Dale Spangler.

[00:27:18.350] - Dave Sulecki
And I'm Dave Solecki. See you next week on Pit Pass Moto.

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