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Rory O'Neall- What's Trending In Vintage Bikes & Racing

On this episode, Team International Air Hammer and Product Rep for Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires, Rory O’Neall, fills us in on the trends in vintage racing and what will be the next wave of vintage bikes. He also shares why it’s so important to welcome new riders.

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Pit Pass Moto Trivia Question:

An avid motorcycle enthusiast, he was known to own many motorcycles over his lifetime. What was Elvis Presley’s last motorcycle?

Check out the answer after our interview with Rory O’Neall!


MotoAmerica, the home of the AMA Superbike Championship - featuring 190 mph Superbikes, is the OFFICIAL sponsor of Pit Pass Moto!

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    • MotoAmerica worldwide viewership has exceeded 7 million already this year?
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  • All day racing with 5 classes, including Superbikes, Superstock, Stock 1000, Twins Cup, Junior Cup.
  • If you can’t make it in person, there are several ways to watch:
    • MotoAmerica Live+ features all day live streaming starting Friday, Saturday and Sunday, plus video on demand.
    • Live Honos Superbikes airs on Fox Sports – Saturday & Sunday
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      • MotoAmerica Rewind and Junior Cup class on FS2
      • Plus! get the backstory and technology insights on Inside MotoAmerica on NBCSN

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