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Tyler Scott- Junior Cup Champion's First Brainerd Experience

Junior Cup Champion Tyler Scott discusses his experience this past weekend at Brainerd (which was his first at the track!) and riding KTM. He also tells us what attracts him to road racing vs. flat track, and the influence his father Mike (owner of Scott Powersports) has had on him.

Pit Pass Moto Trivia Question:

What important off-road motorcycle was released in 1973? Name the model and the brand.

Check out the answer after our interview with Tyler Scott!

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[00:00:14.570] - Dave Sulecki

Welcome to Pit Pass to the show that keeps you up to speed on the latest in motorcycling and brings the biggest names in motorcycle racing right to you. I'm Dave Sulecki. And this week we have as our guest, Tyler Scott. Moto America, home of the AMA Superbike Championship, featuring 190 mph super bikes, is the official sponsor. It past Moto America. The official AMA road Racing Series for North America can be found at MotoAmerica com. Tickets, info and complete 2021 schedule at MotoAmerica com. Tickets don't miss a minute of action, practice, qualifying races and video on demand with MotoAmerica Live plus streaming.

[00:00:54.440] - Dave Sulecki

Follow Moto America on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. And now for the latest news in the industry, we have a report from the field. PJ is out on the road coming home from Brainerd the last round in Moto America, and we'll get an update from him.

[00:01:09.450] - PJ Doran

Brainerd, Minnesota was absolutely beautiful. MotoAmerica rolled out the red carpet for fans that were there, and of course, we had a weekend pact with racing. They made the fan experience incredibly good with beautiful viewing sites around the facility, as well as all access to racers and the pits on foot. You could go anywhere you wanted to. Tracks was set up in a non traditional fashion, so hot it was separated from start finish, which is odd and not the norm, as we all know at most race tracks, Beit road race or otherwise.

[00:01:50.490] - PJ Doran

But it was a good overall fit and we had some incredible action, not the least of which was Melissa Paris in her group of girls in the Build Train Race program. Those girls were amazing. Their bikes were absolutely beautiful and they treated us to a wonderful race. The sound of them racing across the facility was pretty impressive. Cj Lux came out on top of that for her first ever road race win over Becky Gobel and Trisha Doll. But Congratulations to all those girls. The bikes they built were amazing, and they received a lot of much deserved attention in the paddock at their podiums ceremony in Stock 1000 or Man the Man of the Hour, Jake Lewis came out on top just in time for his mother's birthday on Sunday.

[00:02:39.530] - PJ Doran

So Congratulations to Jake Lewis for really having a hold on that Stock 1000 class in Jake took the win over Michael Gilbert and Stefano Mesa. They only had the one race due to the Build Train Race program. That was one. The Stock 1000 were limited to one race on the weekend. In Superbike Race one, Jake Gone Again over Bobby Falling, Matthew Sculpt. And in Superbike race to Jake Gone Again does the double over Sculpt and Loris Baz. That's eleven in a row for anybody who hasn't been counting for Jake Gone.

[00:03:15.650] - PJ Doran

He's on an impressive role. All but the first race of the year. He has one, so he's got a pretty commanding hold on the title. There are few races left. Sculpts and Fong and bats are all keeping him on it. No doubt about it. It was an incredible weekend. The fans were out enforced. The weather couldn't have been much better other than the Canadian leftover spoke from the Canadian fires, which are impacting everyone in the Midwest. It looks like, but the facility was amazing. The racing was amazing, and I'm truly hopeful.

[00:03:47.090] - PJ Doran

Moto America is able to put it together with Brainard International for next year, and we could add this event to the calendar on a more permanent basis.

[00:03:54.770] - Dave Sulecki

Hey, I understand some records fell with Jake winning eleven in a row. That is a standing record of consecutive wins in Superbike. So pretty impressive on the season for him.

[00:04:05.420] - PJ Doran

Yeah, no doubt. And it really just harkens back to the very first race of the year. I that he unfortunately had some bad luck in, but for that, he would be on a perfect season. And I just as the air about him that he's unbeatable certainly get competitors in his class or attempting to keep him honest. But he looks confident. He came out so hard so early. By lap two, he had what was an obvious visible good lead, and then he just maintained it through the course of the race.

[00:04:35.980] - PJ Doran

Just pointing out he's got some speed the other guys need to work to find and switching gears into Super Sport race.

[00:04:42.190] - Dave Sulecki

I saw that Sean Dylan Kelly did the double. So just an amazing weekend for these guys. It's good to see him on the gas like that.

[00:04:49.620] - PJ Doran

Absolutely super sport. Sean Dolan Kelly is clearly the man to beat. He was, however, definitely contested.

[00:04:58.440] - Tyler Scott

Excuse me.

[00:04:59.820] - PJ Doran

There were a number of guys giving him fits. They were all learning the track, and I think that definitely helped to level the field a bit. It had some very tight corners, very tight sections, as well as the very fast original turn one to turn to. That is a very fast area, but they really were we're battling. We saw some incredible passes. I recommend to anyone you go out to MotoAmerica Live Plus and queue up those super sport races because some of the passes were less than gentlemanly, if you will not dirty passes.

[00:05:34.380] - PJ Doran

But they were putting some effort into one another and it showed and they're great to watch.

[00:05:38.920] - Dave Sulecki

Great update to PJ. We really appreciate the in the field reporting and thanks for filling us in on the racing, man. It was great this week's. Pitpass Trivia, a question is what important off road motorcycle was released in 973, named the model and the brand. The answer to that after our interview with Tyler Scott, we'd like to welcome to Pit Pass Moto Today Junior Cup racer and current points lead holder Tyler Scott. Hopefully, Tyler, I got your name right there and welcome to the show, man.

[00:06:40.140] - Tyler Scott

Yeah, thank you. It's great to be here.

[00:06:41.930] - Dave Sulecki

Awesome. Tell us about your weekend. It was a new venue for Moto America. I don't know how new that venue is for you personally, but I know Brainer has been around a long time, but How's your weekend go?

[00:06:53.270] - Tyler Scott


[00:06:53.520] - Tyler Scott

It was a new track for me. We did a test, a two day test for the weekend a couple of weeks prior, but it was a new track for me, and the weekend went pretty smoothly on my part as a rider was really fast shared off the bat because I had practiced where my competitors didn't. And it was a really good weekend. And we had some issues with the bike in qualifying and the first race with just a little bit mechanical, but it was a great weekend, and I managed to get a second one first and increase my Championship lead.

[00:07:26.330] - Tyler Scott


[00:07:26.470] - Dave Sulecki

Awesome results, man. That was outstanding. Now you're warm up for that race. Were you able to get to Brainer to do your set up and warm up, or was it at a different venue?

[00:07:36.610] - Tyler Scott

No, we actually tested that Brainer for two days. So we basically had the suspension setup, the gearing set up. We're ready as soon as we unloaded.

[00:07:46.010] - Dave Sulecki

Which is always the best way to be. Now I understand you've got a race team put together. Now tell me about Scott Power Sports. Is that the family business or your father helping you along the way?

[00:07:55.700] - Tyler Scott

Yeah. Scott Power Sports is my dad's business, and he's really been the guy that helped me get all my bikes and all the sponsors from when I started racing when I was four. And it's just me and my dad and my dad's friend David.

[00:08:09.170] - Dave Sulecki

You started racing at four years old. Now, was that on the road race track, or did you start off and tell us about kind of your start in motorcycling in general? How did that start for you?

[00:08:20.340] - Tyler Scott

So my dad used to race flat track, and then you also did a good bit of road race. I started out flat tracking when I was three, and my first race is four on a P 50. So I did that for a good bit. And when I was about eight, I tried out the mini GP because someone suggested it on like a CRS 50 on the asphalt. And I really took to the road racing. I really love the tracks on my got and like the time on the bike.

[00:08:47.170] - Tyler Scott

And I progressed in road racing, and I decided that's what I want to focus on more than flat track. So I started doing Rotary and I finally got, like a big track, like when I was ten more walkie 250 and I started racing were and CCS. And when I was twelve in 2018, I went to the Red Bull Rockies Cup tryouts for MotoGP Red Bull Rookies Cup, and I made it for the 2019 season. So we did Red Bull Rookies Cup in 220 and 19 as well as fine European Talent Cup over in Spain, which is really competitive and we struggled a bit the first year.

[00:09:29.070] - Tyler Scott

And last year we did Spanish Series again. We didn't do the Red Bull. We just did Spanish Series with Astral Glacia.

[00:09:38.060] - Dave Sulecki

And we made some really good progress there and managed to get some positions inside the top 20 that had to be outstanding to go over to Europe and race on those hollow grounds of road racing. I would imagine for a young man to see that firsthand really impressed tell us so many riders began their career on PW 50s. That motorcycle just seems to be well, it's been around since 981. So that should give you some idea. What really attracted you to road racing was the element of that form of racing, because any of you mentioned flat track and some other things.

[00:10:13.380] - Dave Sulecki

What was it about road racing that really kind of hooked you into that form of racing?

[00:10:18.260] - Tyler Scott

I took to it pretty quick, and I was quite fast right away. But the reason I loved it so much was like the track time that you get because flat track, you get one or two practices that are like four laps, and it's like two minutes of practice. You get your heat and then your main event. But it's like a really short, stressful day. And the road racing is just kind of more relaxed. You get a lot more track time. You kind of relax a little bit more, and you can play with strategy.

[00:10:43.840] - Tyler Scott

And that's what I like about road race compared to flat track. But I still do some flat track rounds here and there, right. For Brainer in Minnesota. I did the amateur Grand Nationals into Corn, Illinois, and I did really good there. I got second in three different classes. And yeah, it was a really good time.

[00:11:01.090] - Dave Sulecki

It was actually one of my questions I was going to ask was flat track, and if you still do it, and I think you answered that for us, I appreciate it. This was interesting to me that you've spent time on the KTM 790 does true. I mean, you seem like a young young guy. You're probably a small guy. That's a lot of motorcycle. What was that like for you?

[00:11:19.000] - Tyler Scott

Yeah. So right after I started getting up to pace overseas, they train on, like the 600 and the bigger bikes. And we didn't really want to go to 600, and we want to try something a little different. So we took a Km 790 off the floor, and we basically took it all apart and shopped it up. We put, like, a more walkie gas tank on R 125 seat and put some See 650 bodywork on there. And it was surprisingly it worked amazing. We wrote that in some CCS rounds at Jersey and Summit Point, and I got to ride Daytona with it.

[00:11:56.960] - Tyler Scott

So that was really cool.

[00:11:58.160] - Dave Sulecki

I bet that was like I said, that's a lot of motorcycle. And to get out there and do that. I think your future is extremely bright. I wanted to ask you specifically about the KTM. I know you're partial to that brand and you're racing against a sea of Kawasaki in the Junior Cup class. What is that like being kind of the individual out there on the KTM? There's only a few, I think, in the field, and you guys seem to hold your pretty well.

[00:12:24.430] - Tyler Scott

Yeah. I've been the only Kim in the field all season. I think there might have been a wild card at Road America, but the bike laps a little bit in the top end at the end of the straight away, and so gearing is really critical for us. Every time we go to a track, the bike is really strong through the corners and right getting off the corners. It has a lot of grunt and torque, and that's where the bike is really strong, so I have to use that towards my advantage.

[00:12:48.610] - Tyler Scott

But so far, the bikes been really good to me all year, and I love the bike, and it just works well.

[00:12:54.160] - Dave Sulecki

It's always good to see a lot of different brands in the field to kind of mix up the battles, and I love to see it out there and definitely stands out. That Orange motorcycle out there kind of curious. Tyler, what are some of your hobbies when you're not on the race track? What do you occupy your time with? What keeps you busy, either training or hobbies or otherwise.

[00:13:12.860] - Tyler Scott

Yeah. So we've been gone for about a month and a half now, so we're driving home. I'm really excited to get back home and start doing some of my hobbies again that I could while I was out here on the road. We have a pool at my house, so I'll swim sometimes. I really enjoy any type of bicycle, like road bike, mountain bike BMX. Like I do that cry every day. I do some sort of bicycle riding, and then I also do some stuff in the gym.

[00:13:37.600] - Tyler Scott

Not as much, though, as price should, but bicycle training is my priority.

[00:13:42.790] - Dave Sulecki

It seems to be a really popular way for a lot of I think all disciplines of motorcycle racing to kind of keep you in shape, but also keep you related to two wheels on the ground, and you turned it into not only a hobby, but a way to stay in shape for road racing, I imagine.

[00:13:58.040] - Tyler Scott

Yeah, it really works like your legs in your core, where you use, like when you're flipping the bike back and forth and the bicycle really helps.

[00:14:06.260] - Dave Sulecki

Tyler, our time is running to the end here. I just wanted to let you take a few moments to thank anybody who's helped you along the way. This is your chance to give a shout out to sponsors or people that have helped you.

[00:14:19.460] - Tyler Scott

Yeah, like, definitely a big thanks to cash in for helping us pull everything together for the season. Ari Helmets Bob Robins also is a big contribution. New Roads, everyone that's helped me, Alpine stars, my whole family for supporting me and being behind me, all the fans and stuff for supporting it. I'm looking forward to the next three rounds and I'm going to give it 100% and go for the Championship.

[00:14:44.470] - Dave Sulecki

Awesome and great to hear. And Tyler, thanks for spending time with us today. I'm Piaso.

[00:14:49.070] - Tyler Scott

Thank you.

[00:14:59.730] - Dave Sulecki

We'd like to thank our guest today, Tyler Scott, for spending time with us this week's. Pit Pass Trivia question was one important off road motorcycle was released in one in hundred and 73 named the model in the brand. And the answer is, of course, the Honda Cr 250 Elsinor was released in late 1973. Some people called it a 1974 model. It was named after the event made famous in the movie on any Sunday. Upcoming events, the MGP of IAMs, Latvia, which is August 8 in MotoGP Racing, the Grand Pre of Steria, which is that the Red Bull ring in Austria August 8.

[00:15:39.980] - Dave Sulecki

Moto America returns to Pit race at Pi R, August 13 through the 15th AMA Outdoor Motocross at Nadella, New Berlin, New York, August 14. A flat track and short track at Weed Sport Speedway and Weed Port, New York, August 14. Thank you again to our guests for being with us today, and thank you for tuning in. If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to follow us on your favorite podcast app so you won't miss an episode. If you have a moment, please write and review us.

[00:16:30.440] - Dave Sulecki

We really appreciate it. Make sure you're also following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and visit Pit Pass Moto Com where you can check out our blog. This has been a production of Evergreen Podcasts. A special thank you to Tommy Boy Halverson, Chris Bishop, producer Leah Longbrake, an audio engineer, Eric Koltnow. I'm Dave and we'll see you next week.

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